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The Fern Campervan is a one-of-a-kind van build that’s available to rent out of the sunny seaside town of Hastings in the UK. It was converted by Project Yonder.

Perfect for solo travelers, couples, or small families, the Fern Campervan sleeps up to three with a double and single bed. It has a kitchen and dining area so you can refuel after a long day of exploring. Additionally, Fern has a bathroom – making it ideal for off-grid locations. And, when you’re ready to settle in for the night, there’s a movie projector. What do you think? Have you ever considered taking a van life vacation?

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The Fern Campervan Rental by Project Yonder

The Fern Campervan Rental by Project Yonder 003

Images via Quirky Campers

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This is Ziggy, the Mercedes Sprinter LWB Minibus turned luxury tiny home on wheels by Reset & Chill Campers.

It’s one of their latest conversions that was built for one of their clients, what do you think?

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Ziggy, the Minibus Conversion with Sliding Bed and Indoor Shower

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This is Le Chalet Noir, a luxury VW Crafter Campervan conversion by Reset & Chill Campers out of Suffolk, United Kingdom.

It’s a beautiful campervan conversion with a shower, toilet storage, kitchen, two skylights, and a large slide-out bed.

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La Chalet Noire VW Crafter Campervan by Reset & Chill Campers

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This is the Squad van, a low-roof cargo van conversion by Native Campervans.

It seats and sleeps four by utilizing a rooftop tent camping system. Native rents it out so folks can comfortably travel while trying out van life. Would you consider renting out this van or doing a low-roof van conversion kind of like this?

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The Squad Low-Roof Van Conversion With Rooftop Sleeping System by Native Campervans

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Sometimes good things really do just fall in your lap! Hanna and Cody weren’t looking for a van, but when they saw one on the side of the road for sale by owner, and they had plenty of COVID-era free time on their hands, they chose to jump at the opportunity to convert it into a home on wheels!

They took out two of the extra passenger seats to allow for more room and an epic cooler. They did choose to leave the original orange shag carpet at the front of the van, but otherwise replaced it with laminate flooring that offers an easy-to-clean surface.

You’ll want to check out all the details (like their hidden toilet) in the Tiny Home Tours video below! Follow them on Instagram here.

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They Weren’t Even Shopping for a Van!

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This has to be one of the most ornate van conversions I’ve ever seen, with lovely carved woodwork that gives it a mythical forest feel.

There’s a three-seater couch that folds into the main bed, an itty bitty kitchen with a propane cooktop, and even a stow-away toilet that doubles as a seat when not “in use.”

You’ll find plenty of built-in and under-bed storage in this campervan, which is for sale in the UK for 12,000 GBP (or ~ $15,800). You can contact the seller via QuirkyCamper here.

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Check Out the Woodwork in this CamperVan!

Stunning & Ornate Ford Transit XLWB Campervan Conversion For Sale

Images via Quirky Campers

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This is a 2020 Nissan Micro Campervan Conversion by Moxie Van Co and listed for sale out of Chattanooga, Tennessee via the Van Life Trader for $40,000.

The conversion is based on a 2020 Nissan NV200 commercial compact van. This could be a great van just to look at for ideas, but it can also be a great option for weekend adventures, work trips, longer travels, and the like. I don’t know, what do you think? It sort of reminds me of the classic Volkswagen campervans from Westfalia. What are your thoughts on it?

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Micro Campervan Conversion Based on a 2020 Nissan NV200 Commercial Van

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It’s always fun to find something completely different, and that’s what you get with the Haaks Opperland campervan. This is actually an itty-bitty two-storey cabin that sits on the bed of a compact Fiat flatbed truck.

Simply drive the home to your location and drop it off. The 13-foot-long building then pops open, and the truck is free to drive wherever you need to go!

I’ll confess up front: It’s not even remotely affordable at more than $140,000 (especially since you’d have to ship it overseas — it’s built by a Dutch company), but the idea is brilliant and maybe it’ll catch on!

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The Ultimate Pop-Up Camper: Haaks Opperland Campervan

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This is the DoubleBack VW Transporter Campervan.

When on the road, the pod stays tucked up inside the back of the vehicle. Once the driver stops and decides they’d like to settle down someplace, however, it electrically extends out of the rear in under 45 seconds, adding approximately two meters (6.5 feet) of useable interior space.1

‘DoubleBack’ VW Transporter CamperVan Conversion Extends 6.5ft!

DoubleBack VW Transporter Van Camper 001

Images © DoubleBack

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