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This is Roberta’s tiny ‘cabina’ in Costa Rica. After moving to Costa Rica and renovating her home there, she decided to build this casita in her backyard for rental revenue and as a place for her family to stay when visiting.

It’s a lovely riverfront tiny home in San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica, available on Airbnb, too. What do you think? Learn more below including construction photos of how it was built.

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Tiny Riverside Cabin in Costa Rica

Robertas Tiny Cabina in Costa Rica 001

Images via Roberta/Airbnb

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Chris Rodiger is a senior at Colby College in Maine and an accomplished artist. As if his gorgeous “En Plein Air” paintings weren’t enough, he built himself a truck bed tiny house with minimal woodworking experience — and the result is stunning!

He calls it the “Beehive” and he spent the summer of 2021 living and working out of the truck, selling his paintings. His college was awesome and actually funded his tiny home creation as part of a class project — does it get better than that?

Now he’s back on campus (gets a little too chilly in Maine for his un-insulated tiny!), but he can always head out in his home and paint wherever calls him! We got to do a Q&A with him, which you can read after the video about Chris below.

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This Truck Bed Tiny Can Be Disassembled by Two People!

Painter Builds Truck Bed Beehive Mobile Studio & Home 23

Images via Chris Rodiger

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If you want an edgy off-grid vacation, this cliff cabin might be the perfect fit! Built on the *very* edge of mountain in North Carolina, this “normal” tiny home becomes extraordinary and has absolutely fantastic views.

Besides sitting out on the deck bar and staring at the valley below, you can walk down a (slightly perilous) staircase to the firepit, which is tucked beneath a huge rock. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time.

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This Tiny Cabin Might Set You On Edge

Gravity-Defying Cliff Cabin with Cave-Like Fire Pit 2

Images via MikeWillTravel

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This fantastic 3/4 geodesic dome in North Carolina is definitely not tiny, but it’s so neat we had to show it off! There’s even a look-out deck at the very top of the dome.

It’s a nice family vacation spot, with two double beds and a single, a full kitchen, and yes — a hot tub! There are 40 acres of nature to explore, including a pond that’s perfect for any fisherman.

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Handcrafted Buckminster Fuller Design Geodesic Dome Cabin

Private Geodesic Dome On 40 Acres With Hot Tub & Pond 33

Images via Airbnb

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Dome homes are so fun, and this little one tucked in the woods on a 65-acre organic farm is no exception. It’s 100% glamping — no heat, electricity, etc. — but you have exclusive access to the host’s basement bathroom, and can use their deck and grill for cooking.

The dome was made with locally sourced timber from the property and boasts a lovely queen bed and sitting area. You can spend your days roaming the farm, and enjoy in-season produce, as well.

Take a look and tell us, would you build a dome home?

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Off-Grid Geo-Dome Cabin in Connecticut

Geodisc Home in the Woods 8

Images via Robert/Airbnb

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This is a home office studio cabin. It’s an 8′ x 8′ build with a 10′ x 10′ roof featuring 64-sq.-ft. inside.

It’s listed via Studios on the Tiny House Marketplace for $8,900 out of Appomattox, Virginia. What do you think?

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8′ x 8′ Office Cabin For $8,900

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