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I love a touch of whimsy, and Irwin the Skoolie has just that with the adorable curtain “eyes” that grace the front of the bus. Bright blue, they make Irwin seem like a fun place to live.

Owners Mike and Mandi would agree! When 2020 hit, Mike’s longtime dream of an alternative living space finally felt possible. Mandi was able to teach remotely and became a health coach, and so they created a perfect tiny house complete with a massive bathroom with plenty of shower space.

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Double Workstations, 4 ft. Tub & Massive Kitchen

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If you’re craving adventure but not a huge DIY undertaking that lasts a year or longer — a professionally-converted van like the Devan from Bemyvan might be a good option. This stunning conversion has all the bells and whistles — a bathroom, a full solar and energy system, and high-tech perks.

The heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable, and a queen-sized bed means you won’t sacrifice on sleep. Could you live in something like this?

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Professional Van Build-Out with Bathroom

B Home Devan

Images: Bemyvan

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Kristen and Huck decided a few years ago that they were tired of “normal” life, so they downsized into an RV and started traveling. Eventually, they ended up in the town where Tiny Tranquility Park is, and started to feel settled in the area. They rented a tiny house from the park for two years before building their own.

Because Huck is a great cook, he wanted a kitchen with plenty of space for all of his needs. Their other priority was a spacious bathroom. They sacrificed a bit of living space, but they often hang out in the second loft! Their bedroom is in the main loft. Tell us what you think!

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Their Cedar-Clad Tiny Home in Tiny Tranquility Park with a Large Kitchen and Bathroom

Kristen and Huck’s Tiny with Huge Kitchen 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a “used” van conversion looking for its next owners. The design was meant to look and feel like a micro-apartment, with all the luxuries of home, including a toilet and an expandable shower!

The light wood used throughout keeps the place feeling especially open. In the daytime, the back area can transform from a bed to a dinette, but if you want a fixed bed, there’s another bench/seating area in the front of the van. What do you think of this one?

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Bright and Airy Van Conversion

Modern Ram ProMaster Conversion 7

Images via Vanlife Trader

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This is a 450 sq. ft. garden shed that owner, Sofie and her husband decided to build so they can live in it while renovating their main house. It has a kitchenette, a beautiful indoor/outdoor bathroom with a lush outdoor pink bath, and bedroom pods that are currently home for this family of four.

Check out the photo tour below and let us know what you think about this garden shed in the comments below!

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Family of Four’s Garden Shed Tiny Home with a Murphy Bed and Pink Bath

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One thing I love about tiny spaces is that owners frequently go “all-out” because it’s most cost-effective in a tiny space. That’s what happened in the bathroom of this Austin tiny house. It’s completely tiled with gorgeous orange and gold tiles!

The rest of the house keeps it simple (which is nice, there is such thing as “too much”) with white walls and wood accents. There’s a loft bedroom, storage stairs, and a kitchen set up for simple meals. It had a first life as an Airbnb and comes fully furnished! They’re asking $49K on Facebook.

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They’re offering the Tiny House fully furnished for $49,000

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Here’s your chance to get a beautiful stick-built tiny house from Incredible Tiny Homes for just $65,000. This home is set up for a single occupant, with an awesome u-shaped kitchen at one end, and a full closet/wash/bathroom combo at the other end.

In the middle there’s a compact living area, and up the stairs you’ll find the loft bedroom that can easily fit a queen-sized mattress. You’ll want to grab this great house while it’s still available! Contact the builder here.

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Tiny House For Sale in Tennessee for $65,000

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After Nicole lost her mother, her entire perspective on life changed and she and her husband, Charlie, jumped into a bus conversion so they could travel more.

Neither of them had ever used power tools, but you’d never know from looking at their Outback-inspired build! It has a stunning kitchen complete with an oven and butcher block countertop, and the mini woodstove keeps their place warm and toasty.

The most impressive part of the build, though, has to be their huge shower with skylight! I’ve never seen anything like it in a skoolie before. Watch the full Tiny Home Tour below!

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Couple Works Remotely Full-Time & Travels in their Skoolie

Outback Skoolie with a LUXURY Bathroom 3

Images via Tiny House Tours

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This is a Hawaiian tiny house with an incredible bathroom featuring a dome-window-lit bathtub.

It was commissioned by a woman in Maui, a custom Oasis model tiny house by Paradise Tiny Homes with quartz counters, the incredible bathtub with custom dome nature window, the fully functional kitchen, and more. What do you think?

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Incredible Bathroom In This Hawaiian Tiny Home

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