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Look at this backyard office space by Wind River Tiny Homes, a tiny house builder out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Have you ever considered using a tiny house kind of like this as a makeshift office space? Then, if things ever changed, you could easily convert it back into a tiny house for your own use or as a rental. Or, it can even be re-sold to somebody else. What do you think?

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A Tiny House Used As A Backyard Office


Images via Wind River Tiny Homes/Instagram Credit: Forsey Films

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This is a backyard garden cabin in the Netherlands out of Ermelo, Gelerland.

It’s an Airbnb unit in a cozy backyard where you’re within walking distance to shops and restaurants. What do you think?

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Incredible Garden Cabin That Opens To Nature

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This is the Newport by Cubist Engineering. It’s an 8’x8′ cube designed to put in your backyard to use as your office.

Inside, you’ve got a 9.5′ ceiling, french doors, and windows to give you the feeling of spaciousness.

What do you think about walking into your backyard to go to work in one of these? Not bad if you ask me! Enjoy and learn more below. Thanks!

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The Newport Backyard Office by Cubist Engineering

© Cubist Engineering

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If you haven’t yet gone full-on tiny, a tiny backyard office is a great place to start!

Blake sent us pictures of his self-designed and built backyard studio complete with an in-floor garden. As a plant-lover, this made my day. The tiny cube was made from mostly-salvaged materials and has enough windows to let in plenty of light. All you need is a desk and a mini-fridge and it’d be the perfect spot to write a novel breathing in that fresh oxygen!

Read what Blake has to say about it below.

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Blake’s Micro Backyard Studio with Floor Planter

Images via Blake Rodriguez

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After newlyweds, Scott and Tania, traveled to Asia for their honeymoon they returned to Vancouver, Canada to build their ‘pint-sized’ house. This 485 sq. ft. cottage is their home that was built in Tania’s parents backyard.

The rules in that particular area allow for small houses to be built in the alley way. Usually as guest houses or home offices, etc. This home has a very open living and dining room combined together with the kitchen right along side too. I love the upstairs bedroom with the exposed ceiling beams, sky lights  and the balcony patio.

Would this size house work for you?

Scott and Tania’s 485 Sq. Ft. Backyard Cottage


Images © Tania Clarke

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This 10′ x 12′ Studio Shed is used as a backyard office by a father who now telecommutes to work (works his job from home).

So he set out to design and build his own office in his own backyard with the help of the people at Studio Shed.

The design you are looking at is the 10×12 Lifestyle Model. It has a corrugated steel roof, metal siding, windows, french doors, and a completely finished interior.

The structure is 200 feet away from his off grid home with its solar and wind power systems. Plus there’s a generator on site for backup. All of this easily powers his new office. Pretty cool, right?

Please enjoy and re-share this awesome off grid office shed/cabin below. Thank you.

120 Sq. Ft. Hillside Studio Shed Office


Images © Studio Shed

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I love when our readers share what they’re doing to make tiny houses in their own way and this tiny backyard hobby house is one of them.

They’ve been collecting unwanted windows that would have otherwise just been thrown away. And once they had enough of them…

They built this tiny little house in the backyard. I like to call it a tiny hobby house. But it’s also very much like a micro greenhouse, too. Our hope is that it might inspire you to use old windows too!

One of my favorite parts about it are the real trees and plants that are able to grow inside and how they included space to plant them as part of the design. Pretty cool, right? I hope you enjoy below and if you want to feel free to re-share and inspire others to possibly do the same.

Group Builds Tiny Hobby House Using Reclaimed Windows


Images © Elina Cullen

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If you’re a work at home person you might just love this backyard office cabin.

It’s that kind of place where you don’t mind staying for hours and hours on end without interruptions.

I know I’d get a lot of writing, reading and research done in a place like this.

And you can even just become one with nature in this backyard office as you read, write, dream, etc.

Awesome Backyard Office Cabin in London

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Meet Rocky and Melissa. They live in Maine and have been building what I like to call Hobbit Hole Tiny Homes.

Their micro structures can serve a variety of purposes. Originally they were intended to be for children so they were in the playhouse business.

Recently they’ve decided to broaden their market when they realized that adults love these little dwellings just as much as kids do and I think they made a great choice, don’t you think?

Their company is called Wooden Wonders and as most of you might already know a “hobbit” is a character from a book called The Hobbit which is now more widely known as Lord of the Rings.

Even in the original book, Hobbits were known to live very simple lives in rural areas. Much like many of us want to consider trying and some of you are already doing. Some of you are even completely off-grid in your own tiny cabin.

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Hobbit Hole Tiny Cottage by Wooden Wonders

Photo Credit Wooden Wonders

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