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As a former mom of two-under-two, I’m incredibly impressed that Ben and Mia managed to buy and convert this school bus into their full-time home while juggling a baby and barely-toddler! They actually first built a tiny house while living in Sweden (where Mia is from), before moving stateside and choosing a skoolie conversion.

Ben says the school bus was more fun to work on, overall, and they’ve made it an awesome home. Inside you’ll find bunks for both kiddos, a shower with tub, safe hookups for the kids’ car seats and an impressively pared-down toy collection for the children. All in all, they spent $11,000 on the bus, and another $11,000 on the conversion.

Check out their awesome botanical decor and get all the solar array details in the video tour with Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey below.

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Family with Two-Under-Two Travel the US in their Skoolie

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This amazing couple was tired of paying rent for a townhome they’d never own, and so they bought a bus and spent two years converting it into their house on wheels– without going into debt!

During those two years they got married, had a baby (the adorable Nora) and are expecting baby #2 (Atlas) in July! Needless to say, they had a lot going on and still managed to create a gorgeous home that they can travel in without acquiring more debt.

Right now they live stationary on a lot in Florida (for just $200/month), but they have a solar array, remote jobs and everything they need to live on the road when they want to. I got the chance to do a Q&A with them which you must read at the end of the post! They gave such thoughtful answers about bus life with kids.

Enjoy the photo tour and follow the Hazian family on Instagram here.

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Family of 4 (& Their Dog) Living In a Florida Bus Conversion

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This is a 36ft tiny house with a baby room. It has 370 sq. ft. of space inside and is for sale out of Sequim, Washington for $89,000 as advertised on the Facebook Tiny House Marketplace Group.

It says that it’s a NOAH-certified tiny house and was built in 2019 by a general contractor. Please take the tour and let us know what you think. Is this a tiny house design that you can see yourself in?

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36ft Tiny House w/ 370sf of Space Inside! Baby Room And All In A Tiny Home on Wheels… Wow! Sold…

$89k Tiny House for Sale in Sequim, Washington--NOAH Certified!

Images via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace/Ashlynn Schwartz

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This is the Hatteras Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living.

Hatteras is a stunning 20 ft. tiny house on wheels based upon Modern Tiny Living’s popular Point design.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

The 20ft Hatteras Tiny House on Wheels in Baby Blue by Modern Tiny Living

The Hatteras 20ft THOW by Modern Tiny Living 001

Images via Modern Tiny Living

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This is the Valhalla Tiny House by Baluchon in France.

The family moved into it only one month after their son was born.6 It features a main floor bedroom for their son, an elevated loft living area, desk space, a full kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs master loft.

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Young Family with Newborn Baby Move Into Baluchon Tiny Home

Family Moves into Tiny Home with Newborn Baby

Images © Baluchon

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This is the story of a couple with a baby on the way that hired Tiny Idahomes to build a 35ft tiny home on wheels with four slide-outs.

Amanda and Adam came to us with a special request…. they wanted us to build their new Tiny House, mountain top retreat, with room to grow!  Now some may wonder why grow? Well they are expecting their first child any day!  What a better way to introduce their new tiny baby to the world by living in a new Tiny House!

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Young Family’s 35ft Tiny Home on Wheels with Four Slide-Outs by Tiny Idahomes

Young Familys 35ft Tiny Home by Tiny Idahomes 001

Images © Tiny Idahomes

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