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Cristin calls herself the “Badass Brunette” on social media, and you’ll see why after watching this video tour of her Overlander 4×4 Truck Camper that she’s been living in for the past year. Originally, living full-time on the road was only going to be a temporary adventure, but by putting herself out there, Cristin was able to find remote work that’s allowed her to keep going!

Her truck camper is one-of-a-kind for sure: With a pop-up roof tent bed equipped with her solar panels and a memory foam mattress, a batwing awning that covers more than half her rig in shade, and her custom-build tailgate where she cooks and hangs out. What do you think of her rig?

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She Transformed Her Tacoma Truck into an Epic Tiny Home

Check out Her Overlander 4×4 Truck Camper with Batwing Awning. 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the retro trailer cabin with trampoline awnings fixed onto the roof of the trailer to give you shade on your private patio. This tiny house is located in Joshua Tree, California.

Outside, glampers will have their own private patio, which is shaded by two fixed trampolines on the roof of the trailer, as well as an antique clawfoot bathtub and lounge chairs for watching the sunrise or observing the bright night sky.

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Retro Trailer Cabin with Private Patio Shaded by Two Trampolines in Joshua Tree

Retro Trailer Cabin with Trampoline Awning

Images via Glamping Hub

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It’s always amazing how much more spacious the 10-foot-wide tiny homes feel compared to the 8-foot-wide ones, and this “Big Bertha” from Indigo River Tiny Homes is no exception. You especially feel it in the U-shaped kitchen on the far end of the tiny home.

The primary bedroom is a loft with standing room around the bed, and the second loft is split to allow two kids to have their own space. Finally, a couch doubles as a hide-a-bed for any guests. Do you like this layout?

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U-shaped Kitchen and Standing-Room Loft in This THOW

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Craig and Tanya are enjoying their midlife years in their ProMaster van conversion. They have a unique cork ceiling and fabric-covered plywood panels to absorb lots of sound inside the van.

They didn’t want to tear down and put up a bed, so they have a stationary one, as well as a convertible couch/eating area. Bamboo cabinets and multiple cooking options keep their kitchen set-up dynamic. What do you think?

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Double Swivel Chairs, Pop-Up Counters & Hidden Potty

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While tiny houses are great spaces to live in, they’re also the perfect vacation option, allowing more privacy and versatility than a hotel room. That’s why Dillon Beach Resort ordered three awesome studios from Tru Form Tiny to add to their resort.

Each of the homes has the same layout, with a living room at one end with a pull-out bed, a kitchen space in the middle and a little bathroom at the end. To differentiate the models, the client chose unique tiles and color schemes. So lovely!

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Three Stylish Studios For Tiny Vacationers

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Get excited for this little gem! Today I’m showing you a simple THOW for under $22,000 — a price that is getting rarer and rarer these days. It’s understandably simple, but still includes all the necessities, such as a 3/4 bathroom and kitchenette.

The one-floor design (no lofts) puts the bed in the “living room” space, but with all the hide-a-bed and futon options out there, you could easily make this a dual-purpose space. Right now it’s located in Hogansville, GA — but maybe it’s your new home!

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Adorable Modern Farmhouse THOW

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Here’s an awesome 2018 Mercedes Sprinter that’s been home to the couple over @thedesertcruiser for the past couple years. They’re upgrading to a larger rig and hoping to find a new owner for this one.

Birch plywood makes up most of the interior of the van, which features bench seating, a fixed bed, and a kitchenette with a propane cook top. There’s a great pull-out shelf in the garage of the van and a large rooftop deck. What do you think?

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Their Epic Van Conversion is For Sale

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Looking for a sweet glamping option? The solar-powered Camp365 from GoSun is a crazy-cool pop-up camper that will take you anywhere and provide a cozy upgrade to your typical tent camping.

What do you think of this? Is it the future of camping?

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Forget A Pop-Up Tent: It’s a Pop-Up Camper!

GO Sun Camp365. 7

Images via Go Sun

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If you’re craving adventure but not a huge DIY undertaking that lasts a year or longer — a professionally-converted van like the Devan from Bemyvan might be a good option. This stunning conversion has all the bells and whistles — a bathroom, a full solar and energy system, and high-tech perks.

The heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable, and a queen-sized bed means you won’t sacrifice on sleep. Could you live in something like this?

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Professional Van Build-Out with Bathroom

B Home Devan

Images: Bemyvan

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