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Here’s a lovely little spot in Eagleton, Australia that sits right on the water! You couldn’t ask for better views, honestly. The tiny house is bright white inside and all the windows let in tons of natural light.

There’s a loft bedroom, back bathroom and open concept living and kitchen area. The whole thing is well-equipped as a vacation cabin, and heated and cooled by a mini-split. What do you think?

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Right On The Water Tiny House Vacation

The Clyde Tiny Away. 5

Images via Tiny Away

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Max & Miranda shoot elopements for 6 months of the year, and spent the rest of it traveling Australia in their self-converted Toyota Coaster! Today they’re here to tell us all about how they got into #buslife…

We purchased a Toyota Coaster bus and converted it into a motorhome. We live in it for 6 months of the year and travel around Australia during those months, the other 6 months we base ourselves in South Australia for work.

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Their Toyota Coaster Bus Turned Motorhome

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Named the “Gunyah” in honor of the aboriginal word for “house/shelter,” this tiny house is simpler and more streamlined than Hauslein‘s previous builds. They offer this model in two layouts — one with a couch, and another with a ground-floor bed.

There’s so much high-quality workmanship going on inside! All the custom wood elements bring lots of character and contrast nicely with the cream walls. There’s an afixed ladder than goes up to the loft bedroom (with skylight) and an awesome breakfast bar with a flip-out window for enjoying nature.

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Two Layout Options in This New 16-Foot THOW


Images by Hauslein

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You might see Kangaroos if you choose this off-grid THOW tucked in the Australian bush for your next vacation. CABN Chloe is one of CABN’s handful of stunning sleek vacation properties that have a Scandinavian vibe sure to take you back to nature.

Like the Getaway cabins here in North America, CABN wants you to unplug from your devices and enjoy the company of friends, family and wildlife instead! This particular cabin has a queen-sized bed as well as twin bunk beds for kids. There’s an indoor shower, compost toilet and kitchenette for your convenience.

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Awesome Off-Grid Vacation Cabin Down Under!

CABN Chloe 1

Images via CABN

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Asha considers herself a nomadic faerie, and her van feels more like a seaside cottage than a home-on-wheels. The quaint cottage interior includes shiplap walls and ceilings, and powdery-blue cabinets with all her not-pretty appliances hidden behind cabinet doors.

She actually lives full-time in the city where she’s studying, which has it’s challenges in terms of finding parking, but the lifestyle is worth it for her to follow her dreams.

Enjoy the video tour she sent us, along with her letter about her van life and philosophy pasted below.

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Full-Time City #VanLife in Australia

Asha’s Quaint Cottage Van 5

Images via Lemurian Fairie

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This is the Reyes Big Tiny tiny house on wheels by Build Tiny out of Victoria, Australia.

It features a series of large windows to bring the outdoors in. It’s a beautiful and carefully designed tiny home! Check it out!

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Reyes 5800 Series Big Tiny THOW by Build Tiny

Reyes 5800 Series Big Tiny House by Build Tiny in Australia 001

Images © Build Tiny

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This is the story of Ingrid Stanwa and how she built her very own tiny house in Australia.

With no prior experience, just a desire to make her tiny house dreams a reality, she made it happen. Here’s her story. Enjoy!

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Her DIY Tiny House, Built in Australia

Her DIY Tiny House in Australia

© Ingrid Stanway

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Natascha and Stephen were empty-nesters who had spent a lot of time travelling between India and Australia. When their son was able to purchase an acreage that allowed for other dwellings, the couple jumped at the opportunity to erect their off-grid yurt.

They’re both teachers, and while the 8-meter-wide yurt might not be “tiny” to some, this downsize has allowed them to get closer to the land and live more sustainably. One look out their window and you see why you might choose this lifestyle!

I love that while Natascha has downsized significantly, she didn’t cut back to the bare minimum — for example, she loves spinning and weaving, and kept the tools of her trade that she needed! She shared more wisdom with us in the Q&A you can read after the photo tour of her yurt home. Enjoy!

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Going Tiny While Keeping The Tools of Your Trade

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Yurts bring all the joy of tiny living, and make it round! This vacation yurt in Australia checks all the boxes for a fun holiday, with a stargazing dome, comfortable queen bed, and lovely windows with bush views.

The yurt itself has a large deck complete with a kitchenette and outdoor shower, and there’s a composting toilet in the nearby outhouse. Also on the private property is a shared yoga studio with a sauna and a pool. Luxurious!

You can book your stay in this tiny spot over at Airbnb.

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Wooden Yurt Tucked in the Australian Bush

Funky Yurt on Acreage in Australia 2

Images via Airbnb/Penny

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