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A Vietnam based architecture firm, Vo Trong Nghia Architects, has began developing prefabricated housing for low income families in Vietnam. This concept of tiny housing would provide the people with not only a safe place to live but a durable long-term shelter too.

Since 2012 the firm has been working to create these houses for those who earn less than $100/month. Normally these people would be forced to live in temporary shacks. So the architects are creating what they call the S House 2 which can provide affordable, durable, low cost and low maintenance homes for those in need.

The current cost to develop one of these homes in Vietnam is $4,000. Below you will see that this 322 sq. ft. home is very basic. The only thing I’m concerned about is the bathroom which I wasn’t able to find but assume is located as a separate structure nearby (see below).

The S House 2 is a long structure with a sleeping area at one end, dining table in the middle, and a space for personal items at the other end. Please enjoy below.

$4k Affordable Tiny Housing in Vietnam


Images © Hiroyuki Oki/Vo Trong Nghia Architects

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A 200-year old townhouse in the historic Leiden, Netherlands lands a make-over and is turned into a modern minimalist home with history.

The original structure remains the same while the interior has been stripped and re-vamped with multifunctional furniture and a twisting staircase to get to each of the three levels. 

Total square footage on this 17th-century neatly stacked townhouse is 807 square feet.

Wooden furniture is built-in on each level to provide storage, seating, desk, lounge areas, bedding, and more.

This open plan three story townhouse is functional, yet simple, which keeps the house’s original character.

Three-story townhouse Turned into Minimalist Home

I encourage you to enjoy touring the rest of this inspiring little house in the Netherlands below:

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I think you’ll like this 433 sq. ft. floating tiny home by Studio Halmet Architects.

Inside you’ll find that it has that warm and cozy look and feel to it.

Wood flooring, natural wood furniture, lots of windows, and corrugated steel ceiling.

And yes- an upstairs sleeping loft accessible by ladder.

Floating Tiny Home

If you want to see more of this tiny floating cottage enjoy below:

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This custom built modular prefab home has the most amazing windows I think you will enjoy.

Built in 2003 for approximately $60,000 by Geoffrey Warner and his team.

A humble little abode is where a violinist of the Minnesota Orchestra finds a peaceful off-grid retreat with her family.

WeeHouse Modern Prefab Micro House

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Bill Bowick and David Bouffard are architects who found this lovely piece of waterfront property in Sedgewick, Maine, and decided it needed some lovely cabins! It was originally a saltwater farm, which they found fascinating. Working with builder Jon Ellsworth, of Carding Brook Farm, they were able to construct three boat-inspired cabins.

The Pine, pictured below, is a 420-square-foot cabin with a studio-style layout. It’s the smallest of the cabins and built from standard 2×4 construction, while the other two cabins are timber-framed. Despite its tiny size, it offers a comfortable stay, with a galley kitchen, queen-sized bed, and 3/4 bathroom. What do you think?

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Amazing Cabins Built from Pine Milled Onsite

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Alison worked as an architect before having her first child, and it was during maternity leave that she “got into” tiny homes and started dreaming of designing her own. The THOW below is what she came up with — a truly unique design for her and her family that they use as a second home and Airbnb. This tiny house has multiple amazing levels which creates fun and functional spaces for everyone.

But Alison didn’t stop there! Now she has a company, “Tiny Tect,” with four unique tiny home designs that you can purchase. The 27.4-foot design below, called the “Wildscape” starts at $99,990 AUD (or ~$63K USD). Enjoy the tour of this creative space below!

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Incredible Multi-Level Tiny Home on Gorgeous Queensland Property

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Do you remember your college days of being piled in a concrete room with one or two other strangers? Or perhaps your first off-campus apartment that was barely passing building code and featured constant repair issues? These new studio apartments, built for the freshman students at Erasmus in the Netherlands, are sure to make you jealous!

The architects at Studio Standard were called upon to transform an old office building into functional housing for Erasmus Exchange students. They used “tiny house” inspiration to make the 162-square-foot spaces into fully-functioning homes including a kitchen, bathroom, queen bed, dining space, couch, and office space! Apartment designers all over the world should take inspiration from this innovative design going forward.

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Amazing Studio-Style Apartment Design in the Netherlands: Do Erasmus Exchange Students Have The Coolest Dorm Rooms?

Do Erasmus Exchange Students Have The Coolest Dorm Rooms?

Photo Credit: Wouter van der Sar

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Here’s an awesome architect-designed cabin with a fun cubic design. The 10×10 structure is two stories, but the second story has an open loft, so the whole space has grand ceilings. A number of square windows let in natural light.

A kitchenette and seating area take up the first floor, and there’s an outhouse and outdoor shower (available in the warmer months). A large deck gives you a spot to sip your morning coffee while soaking in the views. What do you think of this design?

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Bold Red Cabin on a Hilltop in Ontario

Architect’s Two-Story Cubic Glamping Design 2

Images via Airbnb/Sheree

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This incredible double-decker school bus conversion has been in progress for 20 years but is looking for a new owner. While it still drives, it’s designed to stay stationary once it travels from Rainier, Washington to a new home.

The bus home has a kitchen, bathroom, and space for a King-sized bed on the second level. There are lots of details about the features and the backstory listed after the photos below! The owner is asking $18,000. Learn more below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Double Decker DIY Skoolie 20 Years in the Making Available for $18K in Rainier, Washington

1969 Converted 2-story school bus. International Loadstar 33′ rolling home. 20

Images via D Frankly

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