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Prefab homes have had a negative reputation in the past for being mass-produced and poorly made but  Hewing Haus is one of several amazing companies that are challenging this stereotype by building prefab homes with quality materials and attention to detail.

They have a series of small home designs ranging in size from 200 ftto 600 ft2 and we had the chance to tour the smallest model at their warehouse in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

These tiny homes are not built on trailers.  Instead, they can be transported on a regular transport truck and craned into place onto a variety of foundations, including helical piles.  They can be used as cabins, bunkies, retreats, rentals, accessory dwelling units, and laneway houses to name just a few options, and they can be set up almost anywhere (be sure to check out the video below to see a bunkie being installed on top of a cliff with a helicopter!).

Modern Prefab Tiny House by Hewing Haus

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Why stay in a typical cabin when you could have a unique stay in the Pachinko Cabin? This bespoke off-grid wonder sits on 20 acres of land and has no running water or electricity, but provides an experience unlike any other.

There’s a hand-crank Victrola, wood-burning stove for heating and cooking, and 5-10 gallons of water for drinking and washing. An outhouse is nearby, and during the warmer months there’s a shower house too. Climb the Lapeyre stairs into the bedroom, which features standing-height ceilings and a full-sized bed.

Enjoy the photo tour below and book your stay at Airbnb.

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Get Back to Nature in the Pachinko Cabin!

Funky Pachinko Cabin: Off-Grid Camping Alternative Upstate New York

Images via John/Airbnb

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Emily and her husband Cameron first lived together in a narrowboat before moving back on land into a stationary caravan in the United Kingdom, which means they’re no strangers to living tiny.

She’s decorated the place into a Bohemian wonderland and they love their tiny life with their two dogs! We interviewed her about her tiny lifestyle, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post. She also told us about what it’s been like living tiny during COVID-19.

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Emily’s Hippy Caravan in the United Kingdom

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This is the story of a 30-foot camper renovation that cost a total of $5,000 to build!

Have you ever considered renovating a travel trailer as an affordable alternative to a newly-built tiny house?

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30-foot camper renovation built for only $5,000

Living in a 30-foot camper renovation built for only 5k 001

Images © @madefreeco

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This is to announce the find your alternative housing tiny house workshop event in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Are you thinking about some kind of creative home — like a tiny house, RV, backyard home, or backyard community? If you know you want a home that’s “different” but don’t know which one, we have THE perfect event for you!

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Find YOUR alternative housing creative workshop/event in Portland, Oregon with Dee Williams and others

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This is to announce a new TV series on Canadians living in tiny homes and other alternative houses too called HomeMade: Dwelling Differently. It’s a new four-part series premiering online and on TELUS Optik TV. It already started so you can already start catching up on episodes if you’d like.

The four-part series features Canadians doing home differently in BC and Alberta; individuals and families who have spent a great deal of time and energy to reimagine what it means to build a home within their environment and society.

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Canadian TV series on tiny house living (and other alternative homes) called HomeMade: Dwelling Differently

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This is a beautiful 20ft shipping container tiny house.

This container conversion is built by Alternative Living Spaces out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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20ft Shipping Container Tiny House

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Groovy Yurts started off as a simple road trip by the company’s founder and trucker by trade: Yves Ballenegger. Over a decade ago, he raised money and supplies to bring from Switzerland to Mongolia in his transport truck.

Once his truck was empty, he picked up some yurts to bring back home to sell.  It worked so well that he continued making these trips in his transport truck to bring supplies to Mongolia, and to return with hand-made, hand-painted yurts for sale.

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The Mongolian Yurt: A Beautiful & Low Cost Tiny House Alternative


Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Could this be the yurt alternative that we have been looking for? Were we even looking for a yurt alternative? Do you want to build a tiny house with just a screw driver? If you’ve ever wanted a plastic yurt this might be the answer for you.

Teal Panels from Teal International Corporation may not be the prettiest things to look at but they are simple and easy to construct. But what about the cost? Each panel costs around $200 so it really depends on how large you want your structure. For those of us looking to go tiny, it could be completely cost effective.

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Image by Teal International Corporation

Image by Teal International Corporation

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