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This is an 18ft tiny house on wheels for $23,000 USD out of San Diego, California according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders.

It’s freshly built in 2020 and features an open layout with main-floor sleeping. What do you think?

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18ft Tiny House on Wheels for 23k

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This is an 18ft steel-framed tiny house on wheels for sale that ESCAPE took on a trade-in and then made some modifications and upgrades to it to make it better.

You can learn more about it and get a full video tour of it below and if you’re interested you can get in touch with the sales team at ESCAPE to purchase it.

Either way please enjoy the full tour below and let us know what you think about it in the comments. Thanks!

18ft Steel-Framed Tiny House on Wheels For Sale: Lightweight and Built to Last!

18ft Steel Frame Tiny House For Sale 001a

Images via YouTube

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This is an 18ft tiny cottage on wheels listed for sale for $34,900 out of Trenton, Maine.

This home has been lived in by the owner for two years, and then became an airbnb rental outside of Acadia National Park in Trenton, Maine. The home has guests up until October 15th, when it will be closed for the season.

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150 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage on Wheels That Was Featured on HGTV For Sale in Trenton, Maine

150 Sq. Ft. Tiny House For Sale-001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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This is an 18ft stealth travel trailer tiny house that’s for sale out of Elmhurts Beach, Ontario, Canada for $39,900 CAD which is approximately $30,324 USD.

It started out as a brand new cargo trailer and then it was converted into a stealth tiny house on wheels so you could live tiny and adventurously without all of the attention of a tiny home on a trailer!

What do you think of cargo trailer conversions? Are they something that you’d consider for yourself? Let us know in the comments after you check this one out below. Thanks!

18ft Cargo Trailer Converted into Stealth Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

18ft Cargo Trailer Converted into Stealth Tiny House on Wheels For Sale 001

Images © Mark Jezierzanski

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This is an 18ft log cabin style tiny house on wheels that’s for sale on eBay.

It’s a 200 sq. ft. tiny home built on a Tumbleweed Trailer and located in Quarryville, Pennsylvania.

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200 Sq. Ft. Log Cabin Style Tiny House on Wheels Listed For Sale on eBay for $22,500

18ft Log Cabin Style Tiny House on Wheels For Sale on eBay 001

Photos © timber3976/eBay

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This is the 18ft Ascot Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny House Building Company out of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

It features about 167 sq. ft. of space inside and has been nicknamed the “Olive” because of it’s deep green paint!

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167 Sq. Ft. Ascot Tiny House!


© Tiny House Building Company

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There are a lot of modern farmhouse-style tiny homes out there, but it’s so exciting to see something unique like this “Forest Night” tiny house on wheels by TailorMade Tiny Homes in California. The 18 ft. tiny home is packed full of character, from the arched bathroom doorway to the custom-painted fabric-and-epoxy floors.

There are bold stripes, retro-inspired appliances, and decent storage for full-time living. The home is even set up to go off-grid if you want to! It’s for sale for $84,o00.

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Quirky and Stylish 18 ft. Tiny House on Wheels in California

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Here’s an affordable 18-foot tiny house for sale in Missouri. It has everything you need for full-time living including a compact kitchen (you get to choose the sink size/style!), a bathroom with a shower stall and a futon bed in the living space — no loft!

For just $25,000, it’s quite the steal. The color scheme is a sleek, modern pairing of bright white and black accents. What do you like best about this THOW?

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Compact 18 ft. Tiny Home w/ Futon

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With the rising costs of everything these days, it’s pretty rare to find something cheaper than normal, but this $22k tiny house by Simply Futher is a real affordable housing solution!

Of course, it’s truly “tiny,” with a living space of just 84 square feet, with an additional 24 square feet of covered deck space on the front. But even as micro-small as it is, there is a kitchen, toilet, shower, bed and office space ingeniously “tetris-ed” (is that a word?) into the home.

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84 Sq. Ft. Tiny House w/ Kitchen, Bathroom & Bed!

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