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This is a 16ft tiny house for sale in Longview, Texas via the Facebook Tiny House Marketplace Group.

It was built using the Tiny Living plans from Tiny Home Builders. These are great tiny house construction plans, and they offer several other designs too. Anyway, this THOW is available for $44,500 or best offer. You can contact the sellers via this page if you’re interested. Otherwise, enjoy the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you like this design?

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16ft Tiny House For Sale Built Using Tiny Living Plans From Tiny Home Builders… Asking Price is $44k – Longview, TX

16ft Tiny House Built Using Tiny Living Plans (FOR SALE)

Images via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace/Ben Parker

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Could this be the world’s simplest tiny house on wheels? Is this not what the tiny house movement is all about?

A simple and truly affordable tiny home on wheels for only $12,000. Thoreau on wheels?

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16ft Tiny House on Wheels For Only $12,000

16ft Tiny House on Wheels For Only 12k

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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This is a family of four’s 16ft tiny home on wheels.

It’s the tiny house story of a husband and wife, their two kids (ages six and eight), and their two dogs.

They built their tiny home on wheels using as many reclaimed materials as they could find and are now preparing to go on their first journey with it from Ohio to Colorado to visit and stay with their friends for a month.

Family of Four Build 16ft Tiny House to Adventure in with their Two Dogs!

Family of Fours 16ft Tiny Home on Wheels Built with Reclaimed Barn Wood 001

Images © Margo Puffenberger

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This is an affordable 16ft tiny house on wheels that’s for sale out of Morristown, Tennessee for $20,000. Update: SOLD.

It’s built by Incredible Tiny Homes and has a loft with operable windows so you can enjoy a cross breeze while you’re up there.

Take a look below and let me know what you think!

$20k Tiny House For Sale in Morristown, TN (SOLD)

20k Tiny House For Sale in TN 001

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This is a 16ft tiny cottage on wheels built by Free Range Homes out of Eatonton, Georgia that’s for sale at Tiny Home Builders for $29,000.

This house was built as a model for our cottage line of homes and has been to a couple tiny house shows. Everything in the house is new and it comes loaded, ready to move in.1

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

16ft Tiny Cottage For Sale by Free Range Homes for $29k

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This is a 16ft by 8ft tiny house on wheels that’s for sale in Lafayette, Louisiana. Price is $21,000.

It was originally built by Incredible Tiny Homes and purchased by the current owner (Valerie) in 2016.

Although I’ve loved my journey as a tiny home owner, I am ready to sell my home and buy something bigger.

Valerie’s Incredible Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale!

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This is the 16ft Harbor Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s built by the Tiny House Building Company out of Fredericksburg, VA and features a beach theme. What do you think?

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16 ft. Harbor Tiny House by Tiny House Building Company

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This tiny house is built on a short 16-foot trailer but it feels surprisingly spacious inside with a huge galley kitchen on the main floor and a queen sized bed in the upstairs loft.

Lumbec built this tiny home, La Nautique, as their first tiny house prototype.  They added extra square footage to the home by building out onto the triangular space at the front of the trailer, which created some “bonus” space for a cozy living room/dining room area.

Mini 16ft Tiny House with All the Comforts of Home – Full Tour


Image © Lumbec

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Here’s a cheerful and charming 16′ THOW that’s up for sale in Salida, Colorado for $39.5K. Despite the compact size, it feels particularly roomy inside because of the gorgeous decor and bright white walls.

If you’re loft-adverse, the sofa does fold out into a bed. That said, the storage stairs take you up to the main loft bedroom, which feels extra spacious due to all the windows. The galley kitchen has a surprising amount of counter space, and you’ll find a residential toilet and conventional shower stall in the bathroom. You can contact the seller on Facebook Marketplace.

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Cheerful Tiny House with a Front Porch in Colorado for $39,500

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