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He transformed a Nissan NV2500 van into his personal cabin on wheels, tailored perfectly to his unique requirements.

The moment you slide open the van door, you’ll quickly realize that this is far from an ordinary vehicle. It boasts a bespoke wooden entryway equipped with screen doors, effectively warding off Florida’s pesky mosquitoes. For the complete tour, check out the video below, courtesy of Cheap RV Living on YouTube!

  • Wilford’s Nissan NV2500 van transformed into a customized cabin on wheels.
  • The van boasts a custom wood entryway with screen doors, perfect for keeping Florida mosquitoes out.
  • Explore an impressive video tour of Wilford’s 2021 Nissan NV2500 camper conversion by Cheap RV Living on YouTube.

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Meet Wilford: The Mastermind Behind this Cabin Van!

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This gorgeous handcrafted vardo-style tiny house is for sale for $55K in Washington. It’s much bigger than many of the vardos we see, and has a kitchenette, dining area, bathroom (with composting toilet and shower), as well as a fixed queen-sized bed in the back of the trailer.

An electric oil-filled marine heater will keep the well-insulated place warm, but there’s also a mini wood stove you can cook on or use as an alternate heat source. What do you think of this space?

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104-Square-Foot Vardo for $55K in WA

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Like so many others, Nigel and Sue had travel plans for 2020 that were upended by lockdowns — and they shifted their focus to a van conversion! With no prior building experience, they learned how to do everything via YouTube and trial and error. But you’d really never know they were novices based on the final result!

We got to interview Sue about what made them go tiny, what they love about it, and what’s a struggle. Enjoy the tour of their DIY build and their story below. Then be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates on their awesome Australian tour.

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3.5 Years on the Road in Australia

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Kaiser Tiny Homes is run by Benedict Kaiser, who built his own tiny house at the age of 19 after graduating from Washburn Institute of Technology with a degree in HVAC. Since then, he’s been building and selling tiny homes for others! His latest model, St. Augustine, is 20-feet. long, and offers a first-floor daybed nook.

The home has a galley kitchen with a two-burner cooktop and a refrigerator, and a back bathroom with a washer/dryer unit, residential toilet, and a shower stall. It’s for sale now in Kansas for $43,000. What do you like most about this home?

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$43K Kaiser Tiny Home with a Daybed: The St. Augustine Tiny House on Wheels

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Veerle was at University when her mental and physical health needed a break. While she could move back home, she needed her own space and the housing market was pricing her out of an apartment. That’s when she got the idea to build a tiny home in her parents’ backyard!

Her 75-square-foot cottage was once a construction shed with an adorable curved roof and big double doors to welcome you inside. They painted, built in a bed and a kitchen, and added electricity — and in 55 days she had a home sweet home. Enjoy the tour of her space and be sure to read her story below!

  • Veerle, a university student, faced mental and physical health challenges and decided to take a break from studying and move back home.
  • She built a 75-square-foot tiny home in her parents’ backyard, transforming a construction shed into a cozy cottage with a bed, kitchen, and electricity in just 55 days.
  • Living in this tiny house provided Veerle with a safe space for healing, a connection to nature, and personal development, positively impacting her mental health and well-being.

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Her Shed to Cottage Tiny Home! Just 75 Square Feet!

Supporting Her Mental Health in DIY Tiny Home 22

Images via @_tinyfieldhouse

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This single mom wanted a way to raise her daughter in their own space, and regular homeownership was out of the question financially. But a DIY tiny home? Stephanie knew she could do it if she committed herself! And she did!

For the past six years, she’s been living with her daughter in their custom house on wheels, and just recently she was able to move the tiny house onto their very own piece of land! They have a whole off-grid set-up and love the freedom of this lifestyle. Watch their tour below.

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Her DIY Tiny House on Her Own Land!

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Tiny homes are a great and fairly inexpensive way to enter the Airbnb market. With more and more towns accepting ADUs, it’s getting easier to put a tiny house in your backyard for your grown children, visiting relatives, or paid guests! That’s the case with The Arden, a Rewild Homes build designed as an Airbnb for a client.

The house has two loft bedrooms that can each fit a queen-sized bed. You access one with a removable ladder, and the other with a sturdy staircase. The kitchen has full-sized appliances, so guests can cook their own meals. And in the bathroom, you’ll find a lovely tiled shower stall, a huge vanity space, and a Separette toilet. What do you think?

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34′ Tiny House on Wheels by Rewild Homes

The Arden Rewild Homes 22

Images via Rewild Homes

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Julie and Noel have built an incredible container home village in Oklahoma, where you can stay in one of 10 container cabins and visit the container businesses on the property, including a taproom, restaurant, and shops. There’s a central grain silo gazebo where you can grill and mingle with other vacationers!

Each container house is two stories, with two separate apartments in each one. You can check out the “Hit the Trail” cabin below, which is on top of the “Warrior’s Way” cabin below. You have rooftop deck access with lovely views of the whole resort.

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Container Home Village in Oklahoma

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Meet the Yeti: An awesome Boho.Life campervan conversion for sale by owner in Santa Clarita, California. The van has a stealthy exterior and a beautiful red cedar interior with a “honey” stain.

There’s a fixed queen bed in the back and two smaller bench seats facing one another. A pull-out table provides a space for eating/working. In the kitchen, you’ll find a built-in stove top and a sink, while the Dometic fridge and cassette toilet hide under the benches. You can purchase the van for $89,000.

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Red Cedar Interior Campervan for Sale

The Yeti Promaster 2500 High Roof 159. 15

Images via Boho.Life

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