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950 Sq. Ft. Cottage For Sale in Asheville, NC

This is the Evelyn Place Single Family Small Home located in Asheville, North Carolina that’s for sale.

The house is far from tiny with it’s two bedrooms and nearly 950 sq. ft. of living space, but I thought it looked like an awesome spot for a small family or a retired couple. Besides the two car garage on the basement level, the home is one-story to allow for easy movement from room to room. Plus, just wait until you see the kitchen!

Get more details and price at the end of the post and head to Keller Williams to make an inquiry.

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Evelyn Place Single Family Small Home, NC

Images via Keller Williams

Large fenced-in deck for privacy and enjoying the outdoors.

Adorable periwinkle cabinets and pine ceilings.

Look at the giant farmhouse sink! Love the blinds, too.

I like the green paint on the inside of the cabinets.

Super spacious main living room with nice bay window.

Just a little bare. Add your touches and it would be home!

One of the bedrooms. Nice ceiling fan and closet.

Huge built-ins inside the closet in the other bedroom.

Excellent built-ins to keep all your things organized.

Stunning mudroom looks like a Cape Cod cottage to me!

Recently renovated bathroom is white and bright!

Home from the back. Driveway goes all the way through to front.

Close-up of the doors and overhang. Classy!

Images via Keller Williams

From Keller Williams:

Welcome to our immaculate, romantic storybook cottage home in Grove Park area. This home is where fairy tales are made & lived out! Cute retro kitchen, updated bath, and all newer plumbing and electrical. Designed perfectly with great outdoor living space on large open deck. Cottage perfect right here! Price: $275,000.


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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributing writer for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She is a coffee-loving wannabe homesteader who dreams of becoming self-sufficient in her own tiny home someday. Natalie currently resides in a tiny apartment with her husband, Casey, in Massachusetts.

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{ 5 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Marcia June 2, 2017, 4:49 pm

    Finally!!! The only negative of this beautiful, amazing home is that it is NOT in Ohio. LOVE IT!!!

  • Avatar Danielle DiLisio June 2, 2017, 9:27 pm

    What a nice home! I love all of the colors and the openness

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee June 5, 2017, 4:28 pm

      The openness was my favorite!

  • Avatar Bob W June 4, 2017, 3:19 pm

    A little bit over priced. Worth closer to $150,000 but then Asheville being what it is, maybe someone who is making 7 digit income can afford to pay what this cottage asking price is as stated. If you mortgage it for 30 years with a conventional loan, expect to pay nearly $1,500 a month because of interest and taxes added on the cost of the home. Asheville tends to be overpriced when it comes to taxes anyway.

    Now, if you want a nice 3 bath 3 BR two story home in the mountains 15 miles west of Asheville yet still in Buncombe County (Asheville is the county seat), there is a nice place with about 3 acres of land for $249,000 and twice the square footage for sale. However, you’ve be about 4,000 feet up in the air although above the clouds on most days.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee June 5, 2017, 3:42 pm

      I’m not too familiar with the area — thanks for sharing Bob!

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