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6 Different Kinds of Tiny Houses

The pleasure of simple living attracts people from all walks of life and the wide variety of tiny house possibilities accommodates them all.  There are no specific rules for in tiny houses; just the underlying concept of simplicity and the environmental responsibility and de-cluttering that comes with it.

For people who want to be on the move, whether traveling constantly or relocating every few months, building a tiny house on a trailer combines the mobility they need with the simplicity they’re after. Houseboats also let simple livers travel, though less widely. Living on water requires different sensibilities and skills than living on land and though these can be acquired, simple living afloat is not for everyone.

Yurts and teepees originated as primitive shelters but the simplicity they lend to both builders and dwellers have made them popular in modern simple living circles. Both are circular and can be built as temporary shelter or a permanent abode. Yurts are easier to convert into more civilized living spaces while teepees hold onto their ancestral primal feel.

Taking existing structures and converting them into living spaces is not only an easy way to create a tiny house but it is also a way to harness the existing design of huge living spaces for the good of simple living. Garages and guesthouses are popular for simple living re-purposing construction. Since the shelter is already there and usually already the perfect size for a tiny house, all that needs done are minor improvements and adjustments to make it a cozy living space.

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