They Built A $4k Tiny Cabin For The Ultimate Simple Life

They Built This Tiny Round Cabin for $4,000πŸ”¨

Could you imagine having done that for yourself and your family?

There are many stories out there of folks who have built tiny homes for less than $20,000. Less than the cost of a car in many cases. Sometimes even less than $5,000.

Like Kris who built this tiny round cabin that I’m showing you here for only $4,000. Can you imagine having your home taken care of for as little as that? And at this point, Kris was living in it for about a year. Full story on the next page below.

A $4k Tiny Round Cabin Built for the Simple Life

He Built This Tiny Round Cabin For Only 4k – via Kris Harbour Natural Building YouTube 001

Image via Kris Harbour Natural Building/YouTube