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22 Tiny House Questions Answered in 22 Days With a Builder – Day 11

You’re on day 11 of 22 with Aldo Lavaggi and his tiny house project.

We’re asking him 22 questions in 22 days.

Today’s topic is minimum size housing standards.

Here’s what we’ve already covered with this tiny home builder:

Aldos Tiny House Project And Thoughts on Minimum Housing Size Standards

Photo Courtesy of Aldo Lavaggi

22 Tiny House Questions Answered in 22 Days With A Builder – Day 11: Minimum Housing Sizing Standards

Alex: Can you share with us your thoughts on minimum housing standards?

Aldo: I cannot think of many situations where limiting legal size of a home makes society better off.

Why not leave that one up to people themselves?

I’m afraid minimum size requirements are often put in place for the wrong reasons, such as: increasing building industry, tax revenues, and protecting the retail value of nearby properties, tied to neighborhood appearance.

There is a false idea lodged in the minds of many people that little houses are ugly.

This comes from the fact that the majority of little houses built in the past century, (better known as trailers) have not been built with aesthetics in mind.

Boxy and lightweight, most trailers are built from plastic and aluminum and designed for ease of mobility.

There is nothing wrong with this, but not all tiny houses need to be designed for sightseeing.

Goldthread tiny house, although mobile, is not designed for touring and therefore not restricted by aerodynamics.


You can learn more about Aldo Lavaggi over at his blog, Goldthread Tiny House.

Check back tomorrow when we’ll discuss available legal loopholes for people who want to live in tiny houses.

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  • Avatar sesameB

    “There is a false idea lodged in the minds of many people that little houses are ugly.”
    I agree with this statement 100%. Excellent.
    Barefootin’ and drinking spring water in south central sunny Arkansas – 82 degrees today

  • I agree somewhat with what Aldo is saying, but certain “codes” are put in place to “protect” their occupants and those that come to their aid.I realize “Tiny Houses” have been “flying under the radar” so as not to have to meet UBC Uniform Building Code requirements, so the requirements they should conform to is “Camping trailer” specifications which are much more lenient, now this is a “double edged” sword because many municipalities no matter how small usually have some kind of “camper” restrictions and this is for many good reasons health being one, and many “Municipalities” do not want a “transient” population, being concerned with vagrancy etc. I do not necessarily agree with these policies ,I just know they exist and for many good and not so good reasons. As far as where they are placed as “permanent” homes , right next to other properties having a much larger “tax assessment” this is a “moral” and “economic” issue, that many having the shoe on the other foot might not be so quick to welcome, now do not take me wrong, I build “Tiny Homes” but I also build big homes and they both have their place where they are equally welcomed. I hear so many exuberant tiny house fans talking about “but where can I put it” and I have done much thinking and research, the answer is simple, if you do not “Buy or lease” a legal location then anything else is creative or on someone “elses” nickle, now I have heard all kinds of “schemes” , “My friends backyard” or a “Farmers field” or ” The College parking lot”….someone else’s nickle… there are “thousands of existing campgrounds” that take in campers every day (but you have to pay)…I somewhat “resent” the fact that “tiny equals free” then the rest of us “establishment” tax paying, job going, land owning and maintaining individuals have to pick up the “slack” of all the services required by a population, i need not go into services: Fire, Ems, Roads, garbage,municipal costs in general….I appologize for a longer response then maybe warranted…Bill Rockhill

    • Thanks Bill, all valid points and I’m glad you said it all because it’s all true. I appreciate you sharing your perspective with us. I’d like to see little communities of “tiny” homes pop up that are organized just like “condo associations”. You must get approved, etc., and everyone helps pay appropriate taxes, insurance, etc. to be completely legit and not piggy back on others.

  • Living in Arizona, I found this blog by following a link from Facebook. Happy I did. Good topic, and great resource. Keep up the Good Work.

  • Avatar FarmSchooler

    Sad, but true. If children are involved, DHS will step in and require separate bedrooms for boys & girls. I would bet they limit number per bedroom as well. Our family of 7 lived in 200 sq fgt while building our 750sq ft house and neighbors turned us in for substandard housing. It was silly, but I was told had we not been nearly ready to move into the new house, they’d have removed the children. As it was, they gave us a week to “get moved”.

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