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22 Tiny House Questions Answered in 22 Days With A Builder – Day 3

If you were here within the last couple of days you know Aldo Lavaggi.

He built his own mortgage-free tiny house with solar power.

Just in case you missed it the last couple days…

We’re answering 22 tiny house questions in 22 days with a tiny house builder.

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Aldo's Tiny House Project Interview with a Builder and his Construction Experience

Photo Courtesy of Aldo Lavaggi

22 Tiny House Questions Answered in 22 Days With A Builder – Day 3

Alex: How much experience did you have in construction when you started building your house?

Aldo: I have 10 plus years of doing small carpentry projects, so I knew how to use the tools and had a certain amount of confidence with them.

I’ve taken part in the construction of a house, but never built one entirely by myself.

My father was a carpenter and I grew up watching him do work so that certainly helped too.

That said, at each stage of the journey I had to learn new things and I have a willingness to do that.

You can learn more about Aldo at his blog www.goldthreadtinyhouse.blogspot.com.

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