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This is a 240 sq. ft. tiny cottage in Gabriola Island, BC that was recently remodeled with a studio apartment layout.

What’s neat too is that it has a rainwater collection system, a wood burning fireplace, and you get to sleep downstairs (no loft).

So what do you think? How about living tiny in a place like this?

The Tiny Cottage BEFORE The Remodel…

Photo credit: Marc Herrmann

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Marshas New 4500 DIY Tiny House 001

You may already know Marsha Cowan. She who recently sold her Tiny Red Bus, remember?

Marsha has also built another tiny cottage before, on a 14′ trailer, you can see that one here. It’s known as The Darling Tiny House and one of our wonderful readers even shared an illustration of it here. And before that, she built one called The Nest. So she’s no stranger to building!

And today, I’m here to share the continuation of Marsha’s tiny house journey with you. So grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoy, in her own words and images, below. 🙂

Marsha Builds Her Next Tiny Home for Only $4.5k

© Marsha Cowan

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1928 Tiny Cottage in Olympia For Sale 001

This is a 608 sq. ft. tiny home in Olympia, Washington. It was originally built in 1928!

Inside you’ve got two bedrooms and one bathroom. The lot is 7,500 square feet.

This home is listed for sale right now for $150,000. Probably won’t last long!

1928 Tiny Cottage in Olympia

Tiny Home in Olympia, WA Originally Built in 1928

Photos via Redfin

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Seth Reidy Open Concept V House Tour

This tiny house is loaded with impressive built-in furniture like a custom-built murphy bed, a wardrobe/closet that pulls out, and a queen bed that hides during the day and doubles as a couch!

Below Seth Reidy of Nelson Tiny Houses takes you on a guided video tour to show you all of the cool features they’ve added to this tiny…

It’s an open concept V House that they designed and built for a client who gave them the freedom of deciding on most of the interior design work. The house includes custom cabinets, beautiful custom lighting, lots of storage, additional flip down counter space in the kitchen, a relatively large refrigerator, ample closet space, and more. It’s really, really cool!

Latest V House by Nelson Tiny Houses

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Off Grid School Bus Conversion – Exploring Alternatives 3

Andy and Amber from Bus Life NZ built this stunning DIY off grid bus conversion to live and travel full-time in New Zealand with their two young kids.

Young Family Hits the Road in a DIY Bus Conversion!

Image © Bus Life NZ

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98 Sq Ft Historic Simple Tiny House on Wheels 0057

This is the 98 sq. ft. simple tiny house on wheels!

It was originally built on 2006 and lived in as a Key West beach cabin. Later is was moved to the Ozarks and used as a starter cabin until 2015.

Now it’s in East Tennessee, being lived in full time, and available to buy if you want it (while it lasts)!

Simple Tiny House on Wheels

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Lil Blue THOW For Sale 003

This is to let you know that Sarah and Jordan’s Lil’ Blue Tiny House on Wheels is now for sale!

It’s a 160 sq. ft. (224 sq. ft. if you include the loft!) THOW located in Des Moines, IA with an asking price of $37,400.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Lil’ Blue THOW For Sale in Iowa

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