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Elise and Clara’s Amazing MitchCraft Gooseneck

Part of what draws people to tiny homes is the chance to have something that’s truly “yours,” not only monetarily, but design-wise.

That’s why you have to love a builder like MitchCraft Tiny Homes in Colorado that can deliver Elise and Clara’s Amazing Gooseneck: A truly unique home built to the couple’s needs and specifications. Just looking at the outside you know this has to be custom with it’s blend of textures, materials and colors. Walk inside and you’ll find a two-bedroom home featuring a private gooseneck master and another loft bedroom accessible via storage steps. Plus, the amount of storage in this THOW is just incredible!

Scroll through the pictures and get additional details and builder contact information below. Enjoy!

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Elise and Clara’s Amazing MitchCraft Gooseneck

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Eric and Oliver’s Cedar Mansion Gooseneck

Meet Eric and Oliver’s Cedar Mansion built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The 33 ft. THOW was built on a 10 ft. wide gooseneck trailer and includes tons of space, including not one, but two, living rooms! Yet, in my eyes the kitchen steals the show: It’s spacious and perfect for entertaining, and I’ve never seen this much counter space in a tiny home. Plus the cabinets are the most beautiful shade of deep turquoise blue!

Enjoy the pictures, and find additional details and contact information for MitchCraft below!

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Eric and Oliver’s Cedar Mansion by MitchCraft

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Prairie Drifter Globe Tiny Homes 15

Today I want to introduce a never-before-featured-on-THT builder, Globe Tiny Homes, located in Overbrook, Kansas, and their latest model, the 26′ Prairie Drifter Tiny House.

The home packs a lot in, including two lofts and a “flex room” in the back that could fit a queen size bed for those not interested in or unable to climb:

This house was built to meet or exceed the national building standards for NFPA (national fire protection association), NEC (national electrical code), IRC (international residential code), and HNTSA (national highway & transportation safety association – for tiny house on wheels) with the inspections done by a third party service called the National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH certified) meaning that it meets the RVIA standards plus the IRC standards. It has a NOAH Certified Seal that is associated to the trailer VIN and their website has a video archive of the entire build process.

Get more details about the home, as well as contact information, below the pictures. Enjoy!

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New Builder and 26′ Prairie Drifter Tiny House For Sale

Images via Globe Tiny Homes

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Before and After Tiny House Transformation

I love a good “before and after” post, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Joe and Michelle Carr completely renovated the 1921 300 sq. ft. home on their property in Oklahoma City, and turned it into a dazzling modern studio that you can now rent on Airbnb!

The spot features a Murphy bed, living room, kitchen, full bath and private patio. Check out the before and after pictures below, and then head over to Airbnb to book your stay.


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Before and After: Tiny House Backyard Studio Transformation

Images via Joe and Michelle

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The Fuchsia by Zyl Vardos

You don’t have to love Zyl Vardos’ newest build, the Fuchsia, but it’s pretty hard not to.

Never one to commit to the ordinary, Abel Zyl’s freshest design embodies springtime with it’s sunny green and burnt orange trim, and absolutely spectacular roof life. Walk inside the dutch door and you’ll find a spacious interior with a loft bedroom accessible by funky handcrafted steps, a bathroom and kitchen to meet your needs, and a large living area for relaxing and entertaining.

It’s already gone home to its new owners in California, who I’m sure love their house even more than I love looking at it! Get Zyl’s contact information below.

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The Fuchsia: Zyl Vardos’ Springtime Haven

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28′ Kootenay Modern Cottage THOW 1

This is a recently-built 28′ Kootenay by TruForm Tiny that reminded me of a modern cottage on wheels!

The Kootenay can be customized to your needs, and this one includes a downstairs queen bedroom/living room area as well as a queen-sized loft. Between the desk/office in the loft and the sleek cottage decor and color scheme in this tiny home, I’m in love!

Get all the details and contact information for the builder below the pictures. Enjoy!

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28′ Kootenay Modern Cottage THOW

Images via TruForm Tiny

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Peponi Rustic Cedar Tiny House on Wheels

This is the Peponi, a tiny house on wheels with beautiful rustic cedar exterior built by Perch & Nest in North Carolina.

Two-color French doors lead into living space that fills with oodles of natural light because of the many large windows. The THOW has two lofts, one accessible via ladder and the other with a staircase filled with open and closed storage compartments. The house has a washer/dryer unit, Nature’s Head composting toilet and a very nifty green glass bowl sink.

Enjoy the pictures below! Contact information for the builder below.

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The Peponi: Rustic Cedar Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Perch & Nest

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