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This is a Dazzling Texas Park Home with a downstairs bedroom that makes a great option for folks wanting to downsize, but not ready for the 150-square-foot lifestyle that many THOWs require.

The folks at YouTube’s Tiny Home Tours took a great video tour of this model, sold by Buy A Small House in Austin, Texas. I could easily see a couple, small family or folks nearing or entering retirement enjoying a life in this home.

I went on their website and found tons of great models for sale, so be sure to check those out here and contact Buy A Small House if you have more questions or want to know what other options they offer.

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Dazzling Texas Park Home with Downstairs Bedroom

Dazzling Texas Park Home with Downstairs Bedroom

Screenshots via Tiny Home Tours

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This is Kevin’s Rustic Cabin on Ozark Mountain brought to us by Charles and Jon at Our Tiny Cabin Project on YouTube.

They write:

This little cabin is pretty amazing, made out of recycled pallet wood, reclaimed barn metal and is partially off the grid. [Kevin’s] cabin is just under 300 sq. feet and has the rustic feel that one would expect from a cabin in the woods. Any one interested in a cabin, or other construction needs, should contact Kevin because he is a carpenter by trade. His contact info is at the end of the video.

How cool! See some screenshots and then watch the video and subscribe to Our Tiny Cabin Project for more videos.

Kevin’s Rustic Cabin on Ozark Mountain

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Liberation Tiny House for Sale 10

This is what I’ve dubbed the “Welcome to the Future,” the latest tiny house from Liberation Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania.

The model is currently for sale, brimming with all kinds of modern, sleek, and even retro-feeling elements. I really love the funky exterior shape, that looks almost like something from the Jetsons!

Want to purchase it? Have questions? Get in touch with Liberation here. More details about the build and specifications on the last page.

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Welcome to the Future: New Liberation Tiny Home

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MCKA Attic Transformer 13

This the Attic Transformer, an amazing 225 st. ft. apartment created from an attic space in West Village, New York City, and wow is it cool.

MKCA, or Michael C Chen Architecture designed this multi-functional space that fits everything you need into a very tiny apartment. The main wall can be completely closed up, or you can pull your desk, computer, dining room table, closet, pantry and BED out from the wall when needed. There’s also a compact kitchenette, a comfortable stationary sofa, and a luxury bathroom.

Enjoy the pictures and get more information on the last page!

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MKCA’s Attic Transformer: Amazing 225 sq. ft. Apartment

Images via MKCA

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These are some super funky, stackable housing units that take tiny to a whole new level!

Each of the three stacked modules measure 8 x 13 x 9 and provide enough space for a bed, kitchen and bathroom. They were designed by Slovenian OFIS Arhitekti, and almost seem to defy gravity!

You can’t purchase them yet (this was just a prototype on display in Milan), but the units are designed to be eco-friendly and compatible with many different climates and location. It’ll be fun to see what they are like once produced on a broader scale!

Read more about these on Dezeen.

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OFIS Arhitekti Funky Stackable Housing Units

Images via Dezeen

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Sutton’s Cedar American Tiny House

This is the Sutton’s Cedar American Tiny House featured in Texas Monthly.

The beautiful abode in 312 sq. ft. and sits on part of 24 acres that’s been in photographer Kelly Christine Sutton’s family for years. The home was built by American Tiny House, and sports a crisp and lovely interior. Their outdoor living space is equally as amazing: They created a patio space with hanging bulb lights, outdoor furniture and even netted rope swings.

You can read more about the design and their story in the Texas Monthly article here. If you love the build and want something similar, contact American Tiny House with your ideas!

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The Sutton’s Cedar American Tiny House

Photography by Kelly Christine Sutton

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Hidden Lovenest Welsh Tin Cottage 6

This is the Hidden Lovenest, a Welsh Tin Cabin in Pembrokshire that former owner, Gregory, emailed us about. Thanks!

The cottage is now a quaint and charming rental with gorgeous views of Welsh fields. Gregory said if memory serves him right, the house was 25 square meters, or 269 square feet. There’s a small kitchen, a cozy living room, and then a bedroom and bathroom. The veranda has a fun wood stove for warming by on cool nights.

Rent it (and get more information) right here.

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Tiny Tin Cabin in Pembrokshire

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