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Creative Animal Tiny House On Wheels by 84 Lumber 2

This is the Creative Animal Tiny House on Wheels built by 84 Lumber, and it’s a tiny house on a mission!

The Creative Animal Foundation wants to help people live more sustainable lives in order to make the world a better place:

In 2017 & 2018, we are taking our message on the road to visit 50 cities in a tiny home on wheels. Along the way, we will build an online community of over 1 million people, create a video journal to showcase wildlife and people who are making the world a better place, and speak at schools, universities, businesses, and festivals.

Take a look at their amazing home and then watch their super in-depth video tour below the pictures!

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Sustainable Creative Animal Tiny House on Wheels

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Writer’s Retreat Getaway Cabin near Boston 13

This is the Writer’s Retreat Getaway Cabin near Boston: An off-grid, no-wifi spot to get away from it all and have a true vacation in the woods.

This is just one of a handful of cabins owned by Getaway, a company that builds awesome tiny homes, puts them in secluded locations near major cities, and rents them out to folks who need to unplug. A pretty brilliant business plan, if you ask me. They opened their first cabins near Boston in 2015, and by 2016 had cabins in New York as well. Book one today!

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Writer’s Retreat Getaway Cabin near Boston

Image by Sara Smile Photography

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The Pine Lodge Dylan Engels 8

This is The Pine Lodge in the woods of New York, another Getaway Cabin where you can enjoy an unplugged “anti-vacation.”

I love this one because you could go with friends — it has both a loft bed and a first-floor bed, making great for some low-key bonding time with old buddies. It has a bathroom, kitchen area and everything you need to enjoy s’mores by the fire. Book a Getaway Cabin here.

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The Pine Lodge Tiny Home Vacation, NY

Image by Roderick Aichinger

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Amazing Echo Yurt

This is the Minimalist Echo Yurt by Echo Living. The amazing building sits at the Loch Ken Eco Bothies in Scotland, and you can rent the yurt for 3, 4 or 7 nights.

I absolutely love the living “green” roof and the stellar location. The home features a very modern and minimalist interior that includes a wood stove, kitchen, bathroom, and double bed.

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Minimalist Echo Yurt by Echo Living

Images via Echo Yurt

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Tiny House Living in Pendleton, Oregon 4

Pendleton, Oregon might be the next place for tiny housers to flock to!

Right now, as part of Pendleton Estate Phase 2, the city is offering 51 lots for sale starting at just $14,900. They are welcoming tiny houses (including those on wheels!) and have no minimum square footage requirements.

Basically, it’s a dream come true for many people seeking a permanent place for their tiny. Talk to Mike Barns about making Pendleton your new home town: 503-581-0055; [email protected]

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Buy Tiny House Friendly Land in Pendleton Oregon

Image via ITooned

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Hannah’s Tiny House, A Father-Daughter Project

This is Hannah’s Tiny House which she built in six months with the help of her dad, Mike.

Hannah attends college away from home, but was ready to move out of her dorm situation. However, her off-campus options kept falling through:

We joked around about building a tiny house, but the more we joked, the more serious the actual plan became and lo and behold we decided to take the plunge.

Read more about their journey below!

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Hannah’s Tiny House: A Father-Daughter Project

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Mini Mansions 20′ Chic Shack Lime Green for Sale

This is Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builder‘s 20’ Chic Shack Lime Green THOW that’s for sale.

I went through this terrible phase in middle school of wanting everything — from my shoes to my backpack — to be lime green. Instead of embodying my 13-year-old self’s idea of fashion, Mini Mansions creates a bright, classy and chic home with grey bead board, white trim and just the right number of beautiful lime green touches worthy of a true adult (Love that door!).

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Mini Mansion Chic Shack Lime Green THOW

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