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Tiny House Roadshow Alabama 001

The Tiny House Roadshow is coming again on March 24-26 at the Hyder-Burks Agricultural Pavilion in Cookeville, TN.

Come tour tiny houses, talk with tiny house builders and even design your own tiny house. There will be vendors selling tiny house-specific products and services and information on where to (legally!) live in your tiny home.

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below!

Tiny House Roadshow, March 24-26 in TN

Tiny House Roadshow

Images via YouTube

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Tiny House Talk’s 10 Favorite THOWs of 2016

These are Tiny House Talk’s Top 10 Favorite Tiny Houses on Wheels of 2016.

Here at Tiny House Talk, we see a lot of tiny homes: the good, the bad and the ugly! And with the first month of 2017 almost over, we wanted to celebrate some of the best of the best tiny homes we saw last year. Of course, these are just our opinions and we had hundreds of amazing THOWs to choose from, but take a look and share your thoughts in the comments! Which is your favorite?

Top 10 Favorite Tiny Houses on Wheels of 2016

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The Pods by Tiny House Company in Australia 12

This is The Portal by The Tiny House Company in Australia.

The modular-style home is brimming with green — potted plants everywhere bringing the outdoors in! This house was nominated for the 2016 Tiny House of the Year and I’m not surprised. My favorite feature is the drop-down bed that hides near the ceiling during the day and comes down for bed time — genius!

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The Portal by The Tiny House Company in Australia

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PAD Tiny House Workshop

Dee Williams and Joan Grimm of PAD bring you the PAD Tiny House Workshop in Portland, Oregon, March 4-5.

The two-day workshop will teach you all the basics: Building basics, anchoring to a trailer, moisture control, ventilation, heating, cooling, electrical, gas, water. It’ll include case studies of tiny houses and the oft-talked-about navigation of codes and zoning so you can live in your tiny legally.

There are tons of extra details on their website, and register now to get early-bird pricing! Plus, one lucky winner will get a free set of PAD plans from which to build their tiny house!

PAD Tiny House Workshop in Portland, Oregon, March 4-5

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Timber Frames for Tiny Homes 8

These are Timber Frames for Tiny Homes by M&K Timber Works in Fleetwood, North Carolina.

They contacted us saying they’d love to do more small and tiny frames for people wanting a static tiny home. Maybe you like the idea of a DIY house, but would really prefer the base structure be done by a professional so you know it’s safe — here’s a great option! Or, they also sell kits so you don’t have to measure (good for mathematically-challenged folks like myself). Check out their work below.

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Timber Frames for Tiny Homes in Fleetwood, NC

Images via Facebook

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This is a Costa Rica Shipping Container House with a rooftop deck!

It’s built by a company in Costa Rica who has been modifying containers for 11 years and has made near 40 container houses. You can read about builder’s history and building process below.

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Costa Rica Shipping Container House with a Rooftop Deck

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2017 Tiny House Summit

This is an announcement for the 2017 Tiny House Summit, a 5-day online gathering of tiny house enthusiasts, builders and experts.

The summit for this year is February 20-24, and you can sign up for updates here.

Online 2017 Tiny House Summit Coming February 20-24

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