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Tiny House Workshop with Dee Williams

Do you want to learn the technical design and construction details you need to build your tiny house on wheels in a thoughtful, supportive and fun setting? Are you interested in exploring how to truly live tiny, and being creative about what your home “needs” to be?

Consider PAD Tiny Houses’ upcoming Tiny House Workshop in Portland, Oregon on November 12 and 13, 2016! PAD’s workshops are information-packed, lively, and always include site visits to tour real tiny homes on wheels at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel.

The tiny house workshop is led by tiny home pioneer Dee Williams, who has been teaching do-it-yourself tiny house builders for nearly ten years. Dee recently downsized from her famous 84 square foot home into a new, 56 square foot home, truly pushing the boundaries of how tiny is too tiny. If you’re interested in affordability, environmental design, or simplicity in building, Dee is an amazing resource with a ton of experience to share.

Right now participants can save $25 on registration by signing up early, and save another $25 if they sign up with a friend! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny House Workshop with Dee Williams!

Dee Williams Tiny House Workshop

Dee Williams walking through a sample layout of her tiny house, drawn on a bedsheet. Photo: Chris Tack

Dee Williams tiny house workshops

Dee Williams showing off a partially constructed tiny house at a PAD Workshop

Dee Williams' new 56 square foot home! Photo © Tammy Strobel.

Dee Williams’ new 56 square foot home! Photo © Tammy Strobel.


The Caravan Tiny House Hotel. Photo © Caravan.

Dee Williams Tiny House Workshop at Caravan Tiny House Hotel

A PAD Workshop visiting the Caravan Tiny House Hotel. Photo: Chris Tack

What The Workshop Covers

PAD Tiny Houses’ two-day, Tiny House Workshop is comprehensive but entry-level, introducing you to the unique design and building principles that apply to a house on wheels. With a mix of classroom-style learning and a tour of real tiny houses, they address:

  • Case studies of tiny houses and pocket neighborhoods.
  • Cultivating home—the place and the people who make community.
  • Navigating codes, insurance, and regulations.
  • Tiny house building basics, including how to properly anchor a stick-built structure to a trailer.
  • Tiny house building science, including moisture control, ventilation, heating and cooling.
  • Tiny house systems, including electrical, gas and water systems.

Here’s Dee making the material truly come to life with a model she made by hand to explain the vital importance of properly securing your house to your trailer:

PAD has been teaching this workshop for years, fine-tuning it to improve it based on participant feedback each time.  Dee’s teaching has even inspired a lot of awesome people who went on to build their own tiny homes! Here’s what Alek Lisefski of The Tiny Project had to say about the PAD workshop experience he had before building his award-winning tiny house on wheels:

“I had done a lot of research prior to attending, but It wasn’t until I finished the PAD workshop that I was convinced this crazy tiny house idea was possible. I met so many like-minded people, got lots of questions answered, and it was the support from Dee, Joan, and the PAD crew that really inspired me to dive in and start my tiny house journey. Here I am, 2.5 years later, having lived in my tiny house for over a year, and I’m loving it! Thank you PAD for kick-starting my project and giving me the confidence I needed to follow it through!”

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, visit PAD now to register and save $25-$50 with early registration deals!

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Billy Ulmer
Billy Ulmer is the author of the Life in a Tiny House Ebook, a collection of photos and in-depth interviews with people who designed and built their own tiny homes. He writes about how home shapes our lives at UnlikelyLives.com.

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    Thank you for sharing

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    Dear Dee
    Do you have any plans on making a tour in Canada hope you will, if you do and you get to North Bay Ontario please let me know, I’d love to be there.

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