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Hillsborough River Exterior 1

At the end of a pier in the Hillsborough River in Tampa, Florida rests a tiny cabin that’s perfect for small house living. What likely originally started as a boat shed over 50 years ago was converted into a small house, also decades ago. Eventually, regulations tightened so that houses such as this dock house were no longer allowed. However, this particular house was made an exception to that rule.

The dock leads directly to the house, which looks charmingly aged on the outside but is shockingly modern and well-preserved within. Opening the door leads you directly into the hallway, which takes you to the open living and dining area. A relaxing ambiance is provided not just by the simple, open layout of that particular room, but by the views of the river and skyline—which are unbelievably breathtaking during dawn or twilight.

This house also includes a bedroom with an attached bathroom. The bathroom has a claw-foot bathtub and a pedestal sink. There is also a powder room for visitors, and a washer or dryer.

Tiny Cabin on a Fishing Pier/Dock

Hillsborough River Exterior 1

Images © Joe Giannotti

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This article on how to get zoning passed for tiny houses is a guest post by Rene’ Hardee ([email protected]) who is head of the Florida chapter of the American Tiny House Association

How do I get zoning passed for Tiny Houses?

Tiny Houses. You’ve heard of them. You’ve watched the shows. You may have read some blogs, or liked a group on Facebook about them. You’re intrigued. Could I really live like that? And the more you watch, and the more you read, the more you answer “yes”. This is new. This is exciting! This challenges the status quo and makes me question my definition of “success” and “living”. I want in. I’m going to do it. I’m building my own Tiny House! So…where can I put it?

And there is it. The unicorn of all questions regarding Tiny Houses… WHERE CAN I PUT IT?

This question has plagued me ever since I got wind of this magnificent movement that is sweeping the Nation. Whenever I asked this question, I usually encountered either one of two answers; a complete avoidance of my question, substituted by more selling as to why I should build a Tiny House, or a lot of uncomfortable silences and eye contact avoidance, peppered with some “wells” and “uhms”. Neither answer was satisfactory for me.

How Do I Get Zoning Passed for Tiny Houses in my Area?


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Dustin & Kim’s DIY Micro Camper 01

This $800 DIY Micro Camper story is a guest post by Dustin Lind

Hey! Dustin Lind here. Long time reader and newsletter subscriber. Just wanted to share a little project we are just finishing up for summer fun. I would like you to meet Bob! He’s our 40 sq. ft. Micro Camper.

While I designed him to be light weight he is also very rugged and well insulated. This model was built out of a reused 5×8 40-year-old cargo trailer that had seen better days.

I figure I could build one on a brand new trailer for only about $800 more. That being said, reusing what I could and even scoring some reclaimed T&G cedar for the back and the loft we only spent around $800 for the entire build which we completed in our spare time in about three weeks.

Dustin & Kim’s $800 DIY Micro Camper Built in 3 Weeks

Dustin & Kim's DIY Micro Camper 01

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Small A-Frame House For Sale in Texas 0001

I’m excited to show you this small A-frame house for sale in Texas thanks to one of our readers, Katie Meredith, who tipped us on it.

It’s a 1080 sq. ft. A-frame cabin with one bedroom, one bathroom, full living area, kitchen, and a large storage/entertainment basement underneath.

This home sits on a beautiful 1.75 acre lot in Burleson, Texas. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Small A-Frame House For Sale in Texas

Small A-Frame House For Sale in Texas 0001

Images © North Texas Real Estate Information Services (via Zillow)

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Craftsman Tiny House For Sale 001

This Craftsman Style Tiny House For Sale is a guest post by Nicholette Codding

Updated: More for sale information added below and price reduced!

My partner and I completed this tiny house in October 2014.

We are in the documentary film “Small is Beautiful” by Australian film maker Jeremy Beasley.

Your blog has provided much inspiration for us throughout our building process!

We would be honored to see our tiny home featured on your blog.

Craftsman Tiny House For Sale

Craftsman Tiny House For Sale 001

Images © Nicholette Jean Photography

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Acorn 2 Tiny House on Wheels  002

This is the Acorn 2 Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses. They’re tiny home builders in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. And this little cabin has about 120 sq. ft. inside with 8′ by 15′ dimensions.

If you’re looking for a quality craftsman style tiny home builder Nelson might be exactly what you’ve been looking for! Either way I think you’ll really enjoy touring their tiny homes because they’re amazing at what they do.

Just know that there’s likely a waiting list for them to build for you at this point because they’re very busy building for their clients. And I think you’ll understand why when you take the tour below! Please enjoy and re-share this awesome Acorn 2 tiny home below. Thank you!

Acorn 2 Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses

Acorn 2 Tiny House on Wheels  001

Images © NelsonTinyHouses

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No Loft V House Nelson Tiny House 002

This is another version of the V House by Nelson Tiny Houses in Canada. It has about 230 sq. ft. of space inside.

Remember the V stands for Versatile because this design is customizable. In this case, it’s almost twice as big as the normal V model!

I hope you to enjoy this micro house tour below and in the comments below share how you like it and how you might change the V House to better meet your needs below. Either way please enjoy and re-share. Thank you!

230 Sq. Ft. No Loft V House by Nelson Tiny Houses

No Loft V House Nelson Tiny House 001

Images © Nelson Tiny Houses

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