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Situated within the rainforest of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this modern home has views of the near by flowing river. The architect designed this 753 sq ft cabin with two giant stone walls, steel, glass and wood.

The cabin is slightly elevated off the ground which protects the home from the humid and rainy environment. The front wall is all glass with sliding door to a covered patio.

Centrally located in the home is the bathroom and closet which separates the kitchen/living/dining area from the sleeping space.

Enjoy the photos below.

Modern 753 Sq. Ft. Cabin in the Brazilian Rainforest


Images © Nelson Kon

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I want to share with you this 226 sq. ft. lake house cabin that’s situated on a narrow island in Loosdrecht Lake in the Netherlands. This island is so small it’s barely wide enough to fit the house!

When building the lake house the architects kept in mind the location which is on a nature preserve. They kept the exterior simple so it would not detract from the surrounding environment. Inside the cabin everything is simple and free of visual clutter.

With different floor levels for the living and dining room you can enjoy unique views of the surrounding area. At night the living area transforms into the sleeping space.

Along one side of the cabin is the built-in service wall. It’s home to the compartmented kitchen, bathroom and storage.

Check out the photos below to explore this unique recreational lake house cabin.

Unique Recreational Lake House Cabin


Images © 2by4-architects

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$20k American Freedom Off Grid Tiny House For Sale

This American Freedom Tiny House For Sale is completely off-grid ready and available for only $19,995 from Incredible Tiny Homes.

Randy Jones, co-owner of Incredible Tiny Homes, gives you a complete guided video tour (thanks to Lucas of 7 Trumpets Prepper and Off Grid Contracting) of this cozy little cottage on a trailer in the video below.

This mobile micro home was built using mostly reclaimed materials and is already set up for solar and wind power! It’s 8’x16′ and features:

  • Solar Panels
  • Kitchenette
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • Two Lofts (King and Twin)

Seems like a great value, doesn’t it? Please enjoy the complete tour below (there’s even a video and interview with the builder) and then let us know what you think in the comments. I think it’s a great deal, how about you?

$20k American Freedom Off-Grid Tiny House For Sale

$20k American Freedom Off Grid Tiny House For Sale

Images © Incredible Tiny Homes

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Castle Peak 322 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels RV Certfieid

This 322 sq. ft. Double Dormer Loft Tiny Home on Wheels is built by Tiny Mountain Homes. It has two separate entrances and is completely certified as an RV so it’s easy to buy with financing (and easy to find a parking spot for).

It features many unique features like a downstairs den/bedroom, multi-functional areas, nice kitchen, double lofts with dormers, and more.

The kitchen features a gas range and an apartment-sized refrigerator that’s compact but very usable. The countertops are granite and there’s even a tile backsplash to make things look and feel even nicer. There’s even a spacious California King size upstairs sleeping loft with dormers.

322 Sq. Ft. Double Dormer Loft Tiny Home

Castle Peak 322 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels RV Certfieid

Images © TinyMountainHomes

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Using two 8′ by 40′ shipping containers, placed side by side, this container house boost 672 sq. ft.

The front half of the home is the living, dining and kitchen area. While the back half of the home is the bedroom and bathroom. There is also a small space to use for a home office or work out area.

The designer of this house and founder of Sarah House Utah,  Jeffrey White, wants to create sustainable homes for low-income people. In the future hopefully these affordable and sustainable houses can be used in low-income communities. This home ‘the Sarah House’ is the prototype for future container house designs.

Check out the photos below. Let us know what do you think of this design?

672 Sq. Ft. Green Container House


Images © Jeffrey White

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Charming 527 Sq. Ft. Townhouse Cottage in Denmark

The owners of this 1894 townhouse in Denmark have used all kinds of space-saving tricks to fit everything into 527 sq. ft.

Heading into the home it’s a tight squeeze in through a hallway near the stairs. The hall goes directly into the kitchen. With the living area to the left and the dining room in the far left side of the home.

Upstairs is the loft bedroom and bathroom with shower. This loft is large enough to walk around in and has plenty of storage furniture for personal belongings. The owners even removed part of the stair railing and replaced it with a permanent built in dresser.

Back downstairs, the back door in the kitchen leads out to a stone paved patio for dining al fresco.

Check out the photos below to see how this 527 sq. ft. townhouse looks.

527 Sq. Ft. Townhouse in Denmark


Images © DanBolig.DK

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Using inspiration from a pre-existing 1920s cottage, Architects of Atelier ST designed and built this small cabin south of Berlin, Germany. They use it as a weekend getaway for their own family and friends.

Although the exterior of this wooden cottage is dark the interior is bright and open.

The home has a front door entry that opens up through a hallway lined with pine storage cabinets. Which leads to a brightly white painted two story open living space. The glass wall on the rear of the cabin provides more than plenty of natural light for the weekend retreat.

The kitchen and bathroom are located at the front corners of the home on either side of the hallway. I really love the red mosaic tiled shower. Be sure to check that out. Enjoy the photos below.

667 Sq. Ft. Cabin in the Forest


Images © Werner Huthmacher

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