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This is truly a charming French country house. I’m excited to share it with you because I really love this design and layout. And I think you will too.

From the front of this French country home it seems rather small but once you go inside everything is very open and spacious. The glass windows at the top of the gable roof allows tons of sunlight to pour inside the living area making the space seem bigger than it really is.

The interior walls are wrapped in wood giving this country home a warm cozy feel. Check out the spiral stair case to the sleeping loft.

Everything about this country house is simple and pure. I hope you enjoy chekcing out this petite french country house.

Petite French Country House with Loft


Images © Vincent Gremillet

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Built on a 27 acre farm ‘The Shack‘, named by the architects, is an in-between of camping and weekend cottage.

I did not get the exact square footage of this micro cabin but it seems to have one open area that consists of the bedroom and living area with a camping style kitchen and a possibly a composting toilet tucked around the corner.

The Shack is completely off grid. Oil lamps provide light and wood stove provides heating and cooking.

Looks like you could enjoy a nice breeze through the garage-style door that can be rolled up at anytime.

Check out this weekend retreat shack below and see what you think of the design.

Tiny Weekend Retreat Shack in West Virginia


Images © BroadHurst Architects

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Today I ran into a modern yet creative small space I think you’ll like. Check out Ryan and Tony’s funky and cool Brooklyn loft with a view. They share this space with roommates.

Ryan says, “That’s how we afford this cool place. Sometimes there’s just two of us here, other times four or five.”

There are three bedrooms that they rent out.While the eclectic living area and kitchen are the common gathering place for everyone.

Inside this Brooklyn loft they have decorated and used a lot of space saving furniture and items from Ikea.

753 Sq. Ft. Creative Brooklyn Loft with a View


Images © Adrian Briscoe

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I’m excited to share this charming tiny bungalow with you today. It’s designed and built by Creative Cottages in Freeport, Maine.

I’m not sure of the exact square footage on this home but it looks like just a one bedroom and one bathroom with kitchen and living room.

They call it the “Oceanside Retreat”. I could see this home somewhere in California near the beach. Ahhh… that would be nice!

I’m loving this shabby chic cottage. The exposed beams throughout the home really makes it feel like a beach house. And check out that cool shower. I love the way the river rock tiles flow out of the shower.

Would you live in a tiny bungalow like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Charming Tiny Bungalow by Creative Cottages


Images © Creative Cottages

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This colorful humble home in Austin, Tx is made up of two trailers placed perpendicularly and connected by a large open deck.

I absolutely love the way the interior designer, Kim Lewis decorated everything. The outdoor space is perfect for enjoying dinners outside with family and friends.

Check out the cool elevated laundry area in the bedroom. Explore this small house on wheels and see what you think about the design.

400 Sq. ft. Bohemian-Style Home in Austin, TX


Images © Lonny / Molly Winters

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Do you remember Travis and Brittany Pyke? I shared their tiny house with you about a year ago (you can check it out here).

Since then their awesome 204 sq. ft. humble home has been on the popular TV show, Tiny House Nation.

Give yourself a tour around this tiny house below. I think you’re going to love it!

Travis and Brittany’s 204 Sq. Ft. Tiny House


Images © Wind River Custom Homes

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After newlyweds, Scott and Tania, traveled to Asia for their honeymoon they returned to Vancouver, Canada to build their ‘pint-sized’ house. This 485 sq. ft. cottage is their home that was built in Tania’s parents backyard.

The rules in that particular area allow for small houses to be built in the alley way. Usually as guest houses or home offices, etc.

This home has a very open living and dining room combined together with the kitchen right along side too. I love the upstairs bedroom with the exposed ceiling beams, sky lights  and the balcony patio.

Would this size house work for you?

Scott and Tania’s 485 Sq. Ft. Backyard Cottage


Images © Tania Clarke

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