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Pin Up Houses is a relatively new tiny house plans company founded by architect Joshua Woodsman.

He’s creating easy to follow tiny house plans that you can use to build your own tiny cabin or micro lodge.

Joshua built the 107 sq. ft. tiny cabin you see here for only $3,000 in materials!1 It’s called the Cheryl cabin.

$3k Tiny House Plans by Pin Up Houses


Images © Pin Up Houses

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If you’re seriously into tiny living and learning even more about the tiny house movement and you haven’t already read Dee Williams’ book, The Big Tiny, which is available April 28th, 2015 (but you can pre-order now) on paperback, it’s a great time to get it so we can support Dee’s work.

It’s funny because Dee just let me know about it and wanted me to get the word out to you. And she sent me a picture that I thought you might also enjoy. It’s one of Dee’s copies of the book (with no dust cover) that was devoured by her friend’s dog, Walter. 😀

Dee Williams’ The Big Tiny Available In Paperback

Image © Dee Williams

Image © Dee Williams

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If you’re into tiny houses I think you should also be into small houses under 1000 sq. ft. too that’s why I’m showing you this 646 sq. ft. Carpenter Oak Cottage.

When you want to live simply but want enough space to have friends and family over, or you want to be able to work from home, or even if you just want more space (for larger furniture or something), then small houses are probably your best choice long-term.

This little cottage is built in Cornwall, United Kingdom and is designed by Carpenter Oak. Inside and out, you’ll see how unique and beautiful it is below. Please enjoy and re-share with your friends below. Thanks!

646 Sq. Ft. Carpenter Oak Cottage


Images © Carpenter Oak

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If you’re into tiny living but know that you absolutely do need more space than I think might like this Lanefab 1020 sq. ft. small house with garage in Vancouver called the Newport Lane House.

It’s built on a 50′ lot and the design offers one bedroom, one bathroom, and a garage for your car. Pretty cool, right? It’s funny though because it looks kind of like a tiny McMansion sort of doesn’t it? But I still like it.

One of my favorite parts is not only that it has a garage because I’d like to take care of my car and store some of my stuff there but I also love the second level balcony to spend time outside on. And not to mention, how the kitchen area opens up to the outside (see below). Please enjoy this awesome small home and re-share it with your friends for free below. Thanks!

1020 Sq. Ft. Small House with Garage


Images © Lanefab

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This tiny cottage looks like it was once just a garage, but wait until you go inside.*

With some basic tiny house design strategies it was transformed into a beautiful tiny cottage.

It’s located in Portland, Oregon and is actually available as a vacation rental in the area.

So if you’re looking for a unique place to stay while trying out what it might be like to live tiny, this might be a great option. And I’m putting in our tiny house vacations category too! Please enjoy and re-share it for free with your friends below. Thanks!

From Garage to Tiny Cottage


Images © Airbnb

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Couple Builds Tiny Home in 4 Months for $22k

I’m excited to show you how this couple built their own tiny home in 4 months for only $22k.

Back in 2014 I interviewed them and got to show you a photo tour of their tiny house on wheels.

If you already haven’t, meet Andrew and Gabriella Morrison. And check out their tiny “hOMe” on a trailer that they designed and built themselves below. You’ll get to see how they designed and built a tiny house with a relatively big kitchen, an office, two lofts, tons of storage, and more.

And if you like their design enough (it’s pretty well thought out, isn’t it?) they offer a set of plans so you can build it yourself along with a DVD on how to build tiny. Pretty cool, right?

Couple Builds Tiny Home in 4 Months for $22k

Couple Builds Tiny Home in 4 Months for $22k

Images © TinyHouseBuild

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This 12′ x 24′ cabin for sale is a guest post by Doug Schroeder

I am a home builder and have been for 20 yrs. I became interested in tiny buildings a few years back. When I needed an office last year I decided to build a small portable building that could be used as my office and then turned into a tiny house, studio, or guest cabin when I was done with it.

I built it on skids with treated floor joists and standard 2×4 wall construction. It is insulated and has a bathroom and closet framed in the rear under the loft. The bathroom is unfinished at this time as I didn’t need the bathroom.

The overall size is 12×24. The bathroom is 5×8 and the closet is 3×8. The floors, walls and ceilings are 1×8 pine and the front doors are fir, the interior door is knotty alder, the windows are Jeld-Wen. As a builder I cut no corners on this building and paid attention to the details.

I think it turned out great and I have enjoyed using it but I have decided to move back to Alabama this summer and will need to sell to help with the move. It is located in southern Indiana now but can be delivered.

Beautiful 12′ x 24′ Tiny Cabin For Sale


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