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I just ran into Kit and Michael’s tiny house tour and hangout and I’m excited to share it with you here.

The video tour is 27 minutes long so you might have to save this post for later if it’s not a good time but in the video the couple answer pretty much any possible question you might have about living tiny while they give you a complete guided tour of their tiny home.

Their tiny house is pretty awesome! They have a projector screen, sleeping loft, convertible multi-functional furniture, and so much more. I had fun virtually ‘hanging out’ with them and their friends while getting to learn about how they live. I think you’ll enjoy it and get to learn from it too so please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple’s Tiny House Tour and Hangout

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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to share an amazing Tiny A-frame Cabin like this one in the Redwoods of Cazadero, California.

Best of all, if you really wanted to you can see what it’s like to live in it because it’s a vacation rental listed on Airbnb.com by Rachel.

I absolutely love A-frame cabins (especially this one). This cabin isn’t exactly tiny and I don’t know the exact dimensions but it’s definitely pretty small. And it’s just cool, right?

I think it’d be awesome to live in this little cabin. And you can still enjoy many of the benefits of a tiny house with a cabin of this size because it’s still really small. So take the virtual tour below and let me know what you think about it in the comments. Thank you!

Amazing Tiny A-Frame Cabin in the Redwoods


Images © Airbnb

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One couple test out tiny house living since they have been thinking about going tiny by building their own tiny house for a long time now. One way anyone can try out tiny living too is by going on a tiny house vacation.

Below you’ll get to see a tiny house on wheels that you might not have ever seen before thanks to One Girl One Suitcase. I think you’ll really enjoy this little house on wheels and you might even get some good design ideas from it too!

Inside you’ll find a corner desk, couch in the living area, cozy upstairs sleeping loft, kitchenette, and full size bathroom. And yes, there’s even a little wardrobe. Just about everything you might need. This tiny home is located north of San Francisco. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Couple Trying Out Tiny House Living


Images © OneGirlOneSuitcase

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In this video twin sisters decide to go on an adventure to the Music City Tiny House on wheels built by Tennessee Tiny Homes (also known as Tiny Happy Homes).

This is an absolutely beautiful double loft tiny home with lots of space and natural light inside. If you haven’t seen it before, I’ve featured it in this post.

Best of all, if you want to try out tiny living, you can do it too by taking making your next vacation a tiny house vacation. Check out the Music City Tiny House website for more information on how to stay there.

Sisters Try Tiny Living in Music City Tiny House


Images © Alexa Poletti

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I just talked with Jason Preston of Pie Town Productions who are the people behind HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters TV show and he wanted me to let you know that they’re casting right now.

So if you’re looking into buying a tiny house of 500 sq. ft. or less right now and you want to be on TV they’re casting right now and looking for people who are energetic, fun, and enthusiastic. If that sounds like you and this is something you want to do, use the information below to get in touch with them.

Are you looking for or about to buy a tiny house – 500 square feet or smaller? If so, the producers of HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters” is currently casting for people buying tiny homes to feature on upcoming episodes. Energetic, fun and enthusiastic tiny house home buyers interested in being on House Hunters should apply here.

Tiny House Hunters TV Wants You on the Show


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This 110 sq. ft. tiny house can sleep three to four people in Washougal, Washington.

Inside you’ll find a murphy bed and a double bed.

There’s a kitchen with power and water. And there’s an outdoor shower too.

Guests are welcome to use the bathroom and shower inside the main house.

This looks like a great DIY tiny house one can build for an affordable amount of money, don’t you think? I love it! Please enjoy and re-share it below. Thanks!

110 Sq. Ft. Tiny House Vacation


Images © Kenny/Airbnb

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Candice's Tiny House Exterior

Could you share a tiny house with one of your parents? It wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s working just fine for Candice and her mother, Baoying.

Candice designed her bright, cheery little house on wheels with two separate sleeping spaces – a spacious sleeping loft for her mother, and a smaller bedroom behind the kitchen for herself.

The two of them built the house themselves so they’d have an affordable place to live, but Candice doesn’t feel like she “downsized” because she packed the house with creative design features she couldn’t have in a rented apartment.

Mother and Daughter Sharing Tiny House on Wheels

Candice and Baoying in the sleeping loft.

Candice and Baoying in the sleeping loft.

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