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1960 12 ft. Mobile Scout–Beautiful inside and out!! Original fixtures, icebox, sink, and stove/oven. Working electricity and water. AC unit is installed and cools it off quickly, and a tiny space heater warms it nicely! Closet has been converted into a bathroom. Custom painted exterior. Has been used for backyard camping, and previous owner used as a pool house!

No title, but Trailer Non-motor vehicles can be assigned by Bill of Sale for legal ownership. $6000 OBO

source: http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/rvs/4817778133.html

1960 12′ Tiny Camping Trailer For Sale


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At 592 sq. ft. this modular tiny home might not be that tiny to you. For a lot of us, it’s huge. Especially if you’ve been thinking about going into 120 sq. ft. But for most families, this would definitely be considered tiny. And that’s just one of the reasons I like to share tiny and small spaces with you on a consistent basis.

And as I always say, tiny is always relative to how many people use the home and how many uses the home serves. Some people work from home, have space hungry hobbies, or maybe even have lots of guests over.

So either way I wanted to share this amazing little modular home built by Møn Huset in Denmark. It comes in modules that you can choose from. There are kitchen/bathroom modules, living room modules, and bedroom modules. This particular example uses a breezeway too. I hope you enjoy it. And if you’d like to please leave your best thoughts in the comments and re-share below. Thank you.

592 Sq. Ft. Modular Tiny Home by Møn Huset


Images © Møn Huset

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Right now I want to show you this amazing 1974 VW Beetle with a really unique 5th wheel travel trailer camper that can be attached to it.

It’s a rare, bizarre, and down-right awesome combination, isn’t it? I just had to share it with you today. And who knows what it can inspire?

I can just see something similar being done with one of today’s high efficiency vehicles (like a Prius). Wouldn’t it be great getting to tow your camper with a 50MPG hybrid?

This particular 5th wheel camper has a full bathroom, kitchen, closet space, and it can even sleep up to 4 adults! And the weight is perfectly distributed to the vehicle with 360 degree turning capacity. Absolutely amazing!

According to the video, the Beetle was able to get 18-20 MPG while towing it. I wonder how well a Prius would do. Maybe up to 34 MPG? Why doesn’t something like this exist today?

1974 VW Beetle Towing a Custom 5th Wheel Camper


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I thought this tiny housetruck might be a potential tiny house project.

It’s a 1973 Dodge Sportsman Van that was being used as a circus van for 30 years.

Right now it’s for sale on Craigslist with an asking price of only $1800. The listing says,

1973 Dodge Sportsman Van
360 V8 Engine
Runs and looks good! Finally retired after 30yrs of being a circus van

Dodge Sportsman Van turned to Tiny Housetruck


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This Pop Up Trailer to Teardrop Camper Project is a guest post by Ryan Parks


After following your site and much pressure from my wife and friends I thought I would go ahead and send you pictures of our tear drop camper build.

It was built on top of a salvaged pop up camper trailer that I was able to acquire from a friend (his wife was grateful to see it gone). We cleaned up the old trailer and painted it up nice.

We opted to draw out our own plans after looking at multiple drawings on line and looking at different types of tear drops.

Almost all materials were acquired from RV salvage yards (door, side window and roof vent). We initially wired it up and installed a breaker panel for use in camping facilities that provide electricity but after more thought we went ahead and bit the bullet and set it up to use solar power as well if we decide to park it in a primitive camp site.

The interior was finished using cedar from a sauna that I had removed from a house.

We also have it set up for water. Again we tried to use as much salvaged and recycled materials as possible. We used an old stainless mixing bowl for a sink!

Your site is an excellent source of ideas and information. I almost wish I hadn’t built this one because my wife and I would love to build a “bigger” tiny house!

Again, thank you for having this site available for all of us that enjoy the smaller things in life.

Ryan and Debbie Parks
Davenport, IA


Images © Ryan and Debbie Parks

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This Inspiring Story on How a Daughter and Her Husband Built a Tiny Home for Her Dad was submitted by Kim Mendenhall

My husband and I wanted to build a house for my Father to live in on our property in Colorado.

We decided to buy a pre-built shed and turn it into a home. The house is 12×32 with a 8×4 covered porch.

The house sits on a permanent foundation with a crawl space underneath. The 20 gal. water heater is under the house. It’s a one bedroom one bathroom home with a living/kitchen area.


Images © Kim Mendenhall

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If you’re wondering how you securely bolt and attach a stick built tiny house onto a flat bed trailer you’re at the right place.

This is something I’ve wondered about for a long time before I finally figured it out by attending workshops and asking builders, so you’re definitely not alone in wondering how it’s done.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go anywhere to learn the basics of how to attach a tiny house to a trailer, you can simply watch the video below and gain a good understanding of how to properly secure a stick built tiny house to your own utility trailer. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

How to Bolt and Attach your Tiny House to a Trailer


Images © The Homestead Craftsman

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