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Earlier I showed you how a Slovakian design firm has created a billboard tiny house design in the hope of benefiting the homeless.

Right now I want to show you an example of how it was actually done in Mexico. It’s mounted on a rooftop in Mexico City and was designed by architect Julio Gómez Trevilla for Scribe Marketing according to this article by Niall Burke at Humble Homes.

The tiny home up here was lived in and used temporarily by an artist who was hired to paint the billboard. Inside you’ll find all you need… A bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and desk. Please enjoy.

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Billboard Tiny House in Mexico City


Images © Julio Gomez Trevilla/Scribe Marketing

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I’m not sure about you but here’s something I’ve never really thought of… Billboard tiny houses.

A Slovakian firm called DesignDevelop has created a triangular tiny house design on stilts that can be used in conjunction with a billboard ad as housing for the homeless. Right now it’s called The Gregory Project.

And like me, I think you’ll be surprised as to how nice the interior design of these units might be. Inside you’ll find a loft bed with storage, a bathroom, kitchen, and desk space too. Enjoy and re-share below.

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Slovakian Design Firm Creates Billboard Tiny Houses for Homeless


Images © ProjectGregory/DesignDevelop

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This tiny house on wheels for sale is a guest post by Holly Bailey

Tiny House for sale. Wood framed tiny house on an 18 ft Tumbleweed titan trailer.

It’s about 135 square feet with full kitchen and bath.

There are 2 lofts ( one fits a double mattress and the other a single mattress.

Asking $49,900.00 or best offer. Normally this tiny house retails for $57,700 from Tumbleweed. See below for more pictures. Call number below for more pics/details.

Update: More photos just added!

Tiny House For Sale: Built on a Tumbleweed Trailer


Images © Holly Bailey

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If you’ve been wondering how long does it take to build a tiny house on wheels, you’re at the right place.

I received a question from a reader (you can read it entirely below) who was also wondering how long it takes to build tiny, and I thought you might be wondering the same thing. So why not answer it right here on a public blog post and open the topic up to discussion in the comments?

This is a great question and there’s obviously not just one answer because it largely depends on your situation. Like what you want in the house, how detail oriented you are, how much learning you have to do, and more…

Like whether or not you want to take the extra time to find reclaimed materials like a used trailer that needs to be refurbished. Or if you want to harvest your own wood and need to find the time and resources to mill it.

This question also largely depends on not only how much construction experience you already have and who might be available to help you but also on how much time you are able to dedicate to the project every week. Let’s dive deeper and get your question answered below.

How Long Will It Take Me To Build a Tiny House?


Image © TheRitzOnWheels (featured here)

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This tiny cottage built for $11k is a guest post by Dominique Poulin

We recently built this tiny cottage with help from family and friends in Saint-Andre- Avellin, Quebec, Canada for 11k.

We were lucky to have a neighbor mill all the exterior wood from our very own trees! The interior is not quite finished but we are getting there.

We plan to remain off-grid and install solar in the coming year as well as build a well. We have about 60 acres of land, and are planning to build more tiny cottages.

Tiny Cottage Built for $11k on 60 Acres of Land


Images © Dominique Poulin

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This 288 sq. ft. solar cabin for sale is a guest post by Shannon Riddle

Hi Alex (and Tiny House Newsletter readers), I wanted to share our tiny home pics with you.

Although we really love our tiny home, it isn’t in the ideal location for our little family.

So this tiny home is for sale, the details are at the bottom.

My husband Brian built this with the help of our good friend Gabe.

288 Sq. Ft. Solar Cabin For Sale w/ 2 Acres


Images © Shannon Riddle

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I’m excited to introduce you to John Russell and Debbie Hanson. They’re a couple who’ve gone from divorces and 2,000 sq. ft. homes into a DIY 200 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels that they call their Ritz on Wheels.

It cost them only $15,000 in materials to build it themselves and just under a year in labor. Inside you’ll find all the comforts of home. A full-sized shower, kitchen, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, and best of all… no mortgage.

When asked by a local newspaper reporter what they do in the house, Hanson responded, “We sit on the couch. We eat. We sleep. We go to the bathroom. That’s about it.”

To make best use of the space Russell created several multi-functional components in the house like the fold down table, wheeled furniture, and a large floor to ceiling closet/storage space. Please enjoy and re-share below.

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Couple Living Large in their 200 Sq. Ft. Ritz on Wheels


Images © RitzOnWheels

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