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Rich’s Portable Cabins has built so many tiny homes that I just have to keep showing you the options that are possible for tiny house living. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s important to look at all of these options because I want you to build the home of your dreams that will last you for a long time. One that meets your needs. Anyway Rich Daniels has been building some really awesome tiny houses that I think you’ll also like and be inspired from.

Some are 8′ wide tiny homes on trailers and others are wider and longer than ‘usual’ and are considered ‘Park Model’ homes. Either way, I believe both can be used to simplify and downsize our lives depending on how far you want to downsize. And really what’s best for you and makes you happiest.

Spacious Tiny House on Wheels by Rich’s Portable Cabins


Images: RichsPortableCabins

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I had to show you this portable tiny home on wheels called the Elaine Cabin built by Rich Daniels of Rich’s Portable Cabins.

In the past I’ve shown you one of his park model tiny houses and another ‘extra long’ tiny house built by him as well. They’re both really cool and he’s built quite a lot of little portable homes.

The home is about 8′ wide and 22′ long so approximately 176 sq. ft. of space without including any upstairs sleeping loft space that might be used although I don’t see that here.

Elaine Portable Tiny Cabin by Rich Daniels


Images: RichsPortableCabins

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It’s not tiny. It’s not micro. But, it’s just right in my opinion. I’m talking about this modern loft apartment I found on Archello.

I really love the modern style of loft apartments. So naturally when I saw this one I knew I must share. Because sharing is caring right?

There is no real story I could find to go with these pictures except that an architect conceptualized this project into what you see below.

They maximized the use of space by having a guest bathroom downstairs, adding storage under the stairs, a soft bed in the living area and sleeping loft with another bathroom upstairs.

I’m not sure on the exact square footage but if I had to guess it would be around 700 sq ft?

Take a look below and let me know what you think.

Modern Loft Apartment with Built-in Storage under Staircase


Images © Vietsun Solution Architects

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It all started when this couple visited a friends tiny cabin in Topanga Canyon when they instantly fell in love with the environment.

And since there were already a bunch of cabins on the property but none available to rent or buy so they spoke with the owner for options.

The owner encouraged them to build their own place using his materials so that’s what they did with the help of Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter.

Couple’s Topanga Tiny Cabin Retreat in the Canyons


Images: Mariko Reed/MSP

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If you’re into tiny living, great! But if it’s a little too tight… Let’s say you’re sharing the tiny home with a loved one, then you might need more space because where are you going to put all of your stuff? That’s why I like showing people these ‘park model’ tiny houses because it’s still the same concept only slightly larger and more spacious.

So it’s way more functional and doable long-term on a full-time simple living basis (especially if you’re NOT living alone). Obviously, this is definitely NOT something you’d want to go with if you were planning on moving around quite a bit or even traveling with your ‘tiny home’ because these are heavier and you even need a special permit (license) to tow them.

Rich Daniels’ Gromer Park Model Tiny House


Images: RichsPortableCabins

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When the architects, Specht Harpman, were presented with a project to renovate this 425 sq ft apartment they didn’t realize it would be their most unusual project yet.

The way the apartment was laid out was odd for the amount of space it had. In addition the ceilings went up vertically 25 feet with access to the rooftop terrace.

The four level loft plan brought a solution to this modern micro apartment. It was inventive and creative.

Each loft flowed from one level to the next making the feel of the apartment very open and inviting.

The first level is the entry to the apartment plus the kitchen.  Just a few stairs up is the main living area, above the living area would be the sleeping space with a cantilevered bed pavilion.

The final stairs lead up to the garden rooftop terrace. Perfect for a small dog!

Check out the built-in storage on the stairs of the lower level. Looks like plenty of space to store all your necessitates, right?

And don’t forget about the bathroom…it’s located just under the staircase.

4-Level Flowing Modern Micro Loft Apartment with Rooftop Garden Terrace


Images © Specht Harpman

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I thought you might also enjoy this laneway small house by Smallworks Studio called the Arts & Crafts 750. Typically this type of home is built facing a back alley or alley.

Because laneway homes are built this way they are usually well under 1000 square feet. This one is a two bedroom, two bathroom with one car garage home with about 750 square feet of interior space plus 225 square feet of garage space.

Special features include an upstairs balcony, closet space in both rooms, and full kitchen. Inside there’s plenty of storage space, a nice living room and there’s plenty of enjoyable outdoor space too.

750 Sq. Ft. Laneway Small House


Images: Smallworks

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