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This June 18 2014 was the first ever tiny house at the White House (and first Maker Faire there too). Sicily Kolbeck of La Petite Maison brought her tiny house to the President with the help of Teal Brown of Wishbone Tiny Homes who hauled the home for her.

La Petite Maison (tiny house) was parked under the east portico of the White House. If you were to sit down in the east reception room of the White House on this day, you would see Sicily’s tiny house out the window (see photos below).

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Tiny House at the White House


Images © Suzannah Kolbeck

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I’m glad to announce that a team of good hearted people in Chico, California have organized the Chico Housing Action Team and their mission is to bring a tiny house village to serve their homeless population.

Right now there’s a growing trend of tiny house villages and communities being created to help the homeless population throughout the United States. I list current communities in this page.

If everything goes as planned for Chico’s first tiny house community it will open Winter 2014. This ‘village’ model has been working successfully in Portland for more than a decade and is now spreading throughout the country to benefit more people in need of truly affordable housing.

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Tiny House Village for Homeless in Chico, CA

Enjoy the rest of this story (and links) below and if it feels right please re-share this story using the share buttons to help us spread the word on affordable tiny homes as a solution to homelessness below:
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I’m thrilled to show you Ben Barthell’s 200 sq. ft. solar off grid tiny house that he built himself on a recycled 24′ x 8.5′ trailer (so yes- it’s mobile).

This DIY micro cabin has all of the amenities of home but I’d say it’s even better because:

  • It’s completely self sustaining.
  • It can power itself using a solar panel energy system.
  • It’s built mostly out of recycled materials.
  • It meets all quality construction standards.

Best of all, it’s affordable, easy to maintain, and light on the environment (and the wallet).

Ben’s Shopdog Solar Off Grid Tiny House


Images © Ben Barthell

I hope you enjoy touring Ben Barthell’s incredible tiny house below and if you’re interested in having him design and build you one just get with him over at his site below.

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Building a Mortgage-free Tiny House by the Seat of My Pants – Part 2 – by Shirley Loomis

Arriving at my tiny house daily was so much more pleasant once the outside was complete. It looked like I was working on something real, no longer just a picture in my mind’s eye. An added benefit of having the exterior complete was that I could work inside with an added degree of warmth and protection from the elements.

Prior to tackling the inside I looked at a lot of layouts I had seen published in books and online, examined my own existing furniture, considering how I might be able to repurpose it for use inside my tiny house. Being a book hound my bookcases were definitely something that would be put to use. As you look at your space, always keep in mind how you live, the kinds of things you like to do, how you make your living, and what you readily have on hand that you can tailor to meet your needs.

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All Images © Shirley Loomis

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Just a little while back I showed how the core of the Robins Nest Tiny House on Wheels was Built (and how you can do the same) thanks to Brevard Tiny Houses.

This is an 8′ x 24′ custom designed tiny home on wheels to meet their clients needs. Even the trailer was custom designed for the design.

As soon as you walk in there’s a bathroom with shower, sink and composting toilet directly to your right. I like how the bathroom is near the front door, don’t you?

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Robins Nest Tiny House Tour


Images © BrevardTinyHouse.com

I encourage you to enjoy the full tour and story on the Robins Nest Tiny Home below (I think you’ll really like it):

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I wanted to let you know that Tiny House Magazine Issue 18 by Kent Griswold has just been released.

It’s almost 60 pages of tiny housing goodness in digital PDF form so you can either print it out, read it on your Kindle, iPad, or any other device really.

Many of you are already familiar with Kent’s Tiny House Magazine but if you’re not… It’s a digital magazine so it’s not available in physical format.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 18


=> Learn more and/or buy and download this issue (and any other previous issues too if you want) over at Tiny House Magazine.

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DIY Bow Top Vardo Office Cabin Guest Post by Blackfox Kindred

I live in the beautiful mountains around Blue Ridge, Georgia and needed space for my home office.

I explored several ideas about how to build it and decided to go with the traditional style of a bowtop vardo but built on a skid beam setup instead of a wagon frame.

I had seen the real thing as child and just had to build one after seeing some examples online.

I started with a 4’ft by 8’ft base and built up from there as if I were building on a wagon. I tried to stay true to the tradition and plced everything just as it would be if done back in the day.


I encourage you to continue enjoying the tour of my vardo office cabin below:

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