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If you want to live in a tiny house the first piece of advice I’ve got for you is to take your time when designing your home. I’ve seen plenty of people design and build their first tiny home only to have to start all over later on because they didn’t think things through enough the first time around. That’s why I recommend spending time over here in our tiny house design 101 section which has free courses on how to create your own tailor made micro house.

SketchUp is another amazing tool (there’s a free version, too) that you can use to play around with any design ideas you might have. Or even just to mix and match ideas that you find here on our site or anywhere else as well. But enough design gibberish for now because right now I’d like to introduce you to Tuckerbox Homes, a relatively new tiny house design and construction project.

TuckerBox Homes: Designing & Building the Perfect Tiny House


Images: Tuckerbox Homes

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In largely populated places like New York City and Brooklyn people are forced to use their creativity to make the tiniest of spaces functional for themselves. In this post you’ll get to see how a man in Brooklyn turned a tiny studio into an amazingly stylish and functional two bedroom apartment.

Since he has a roommate, the space needed to properly accommodate two adults. And in a place like Brooklyn, making the most out of a small space like they did can save you some serious money every single month. And that sure adds up over the years.

Tiny Brooklyn Studio Turned into 2 Bedroom Apartment


Images: LifeEdited.com

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Tiny houses aren’t just for people who want to live in 150 square feet because they can be used as creatively as anyone can imagine. This young family decided they would hire the help of Tennessee Tiny Homes (aka Tiny Happy Homes) to build Music City’s tiny house, invite people like you and me to try on tiny while in Nashville, and meanwhile they even get to supplement their income from home. That’s just down right awesome, isn’t it?

Living simply doesn’t always mean you have to move into a tiny house either. Or move at all for that matter. It’s really just about figuring out what you want more of and what you want less of. This story is an example of just that. You don’t have to move into a micro home to simplify. But you probably do have some ‘life editing’ to do, right? We all do.

Anyway- what I really wanted to do in this post is simply show you Music City’s 200 sq. ft. tiny house that you can vacation in thanks to John and Sarah Murphy who are both in the hospitality industry.

Music City Tiny House in Nashville, TN


Images: Airbnb

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This amazingly curved modern small home in Krakow, Poland was designed by Arciteckt.Lemanski.

It was created for a client of theirs who wanted to have gardening space even though the lot didn’t have very much outdoor space.

Inside the house, the client wanted a simple and minimalist look and feel while still ensuring the home was perfectly functional. The result is what you see below.

Curvy Modern Small Home: Domo Dom


Images © Tomasz Zakrzewski & Arciteckt.Lemanski

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If you’re into tiny living but just need something with more space long-term than you might really enjoy this 778 sq. ft. Japanese family small house designed by Alts Design Office.

It’s a simple and minimalist style home that’s perfect for a couple that’s planning on having children or already has small children. I can also see this space working well for a professional that works from home.

778 Sq. Ft. Japanese Family Small House by Alts Design Office


Images © Alts-Design.com

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Meet Alysha, her kids, and their tiny house in Red Bluff, California. It was built with the help of the Oregon Cottage Company.

She decided to move she and her kids into a tiny home after her husband passed away tragically and unexpectedly in his early 30s after serving in the United States Air Force.

Alysha knew she had to do the best with what she had. So she decided to pick up a lifestyle that would allow her to spend the most time raising her two young children, especially since she would do it alone.

Her tiny house was built by architect Todd Miller in Eugene, Oregon. She now rents out her former ‘big house’ for immediate income and lives in the backyard.

Woman Goes Tiny with Family After Husband Dies

I encourage you to enjoy the complete story and tiny house tour below in video:

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Ever want to tour a tiny house in person so you can feel what it’s like to live in a tiny home?

Now is your chance to do it for free if you’re in the Boulder, Colorado area because Tiny Happy Homes is having an open house in Sedalia, Colorado.

They’re showing off their ‘Big Mack’ Model this Sunday June 29th, 2014 at 2:00 pm (mdt). See below for the address.

Tour a Tiny House in Sedalia, CO


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