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Lyset Paa Lista by TYIN Tegnestue

This reclaimed tiny timber cabin was built with the help of students from Mexico and Norway in only 3 weeks time.

The community locals made it all possible by providing food, materials, tools, and labor to make it happen.

The architects who designed the structure are TYIN Tegnestue. The purpose of the structure is for people to enjoy the landscape and nature that surrounds it.

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Tiny Timber Cabin Built by Students

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The ShelterWise design team created this house for a client who wanted a tiny house for full time living.

So they came up with an energy efficient tiny home with 162 square feet of space on the main floor and an extra 62 square feet of sleeping space in the upstairs loft.

Outside the structure is about 22′ long, 8.5′ wide and 13.5′ high. And did I mention that it’s on wheels? Yes. It’s designed to be built on a heavy duty trailer.

Inside you’ll find a full service kitchen, washer/dryer combination unit, lots of clever storage, and a full bathroom. See for yourself and share it with others too if you want below.

The 224 Sq. Ft. Cider Box Tiny House


All images © ShelterWiseLLC.com
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I’m not sure if you remember back when I introduced you to Steve and Wendy who are a couple who built and have been living in their own mortgage-free tiny house.

This is a 10′ wide by 25′ long tiny home with about 250 square feet of living space inside. Because it’s 10′ wide you will need a special permit to tow it (just like you would with a Park Model home).

It’s located in Cedar Park, Texas and was built from February 2011 to February 2012. Steve and Wendy (the owner/builders) lived in it from March 2011 to July of 2013.

Update: SOLD

250 Sq. Ft. Couple’s Tiny House For Sale near Austin Texas


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This is a guest story by a Tiny House Talk reader and now a DIY builder who built her own debt-free tiny home

Why in the world would a female member of AARP who has never built a thing in her life attempt to teach herself the skills necessary to build a tiny house?

There are a great number of people talking about tiny houses these days. That was not really the case when I got the idea for my tiny home. My idea stemmed from a logical practical need.

It didn’t begin as some magnificent business plan. It began quietly and simply, a possible solution to a very big and very real need. I’m not an architect. I’m someone who has spent her life seeing problems solved with common sense and perseverance.


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I had to tell you about this used Molecule Tiny House for sale on craigslist right now. (update: sold)

It’s a Molecule Tiny Home which I personally love. The owner wants to sell it because he wants an apartment and some extra money to start a business (according to the ad).

As of now the ad says the home is one an a half years old (which sounds about right). It can be used as an RV or parked as a cabin with hook ups.

There’s also a truck (1987 GMC 3500 with 10′ load deck) available that you can buy from him to tow it with (see below).

Used Molecule Tiny Homes House for Sale


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In this post I’m going to give you a preview of a new tiny house documentary called Small Is Beautiful in case you haven’t already heard about it.

The film is a real life journey featuring people who are building and living in a tiny home.

Best of all, the movie will show people what tiny house living is really like. The good and the bad.

Small Is Beautiful: Tiny House Documentary


I encourage you to watch the preview of the documentary below and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s out. But for now, enjoy the trailer videos below.

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I just ran into these tiny house folks in Sydney, Australia I thought you might want to know about.

They started planning their project in January of 2013 and began building in June 2013 (almost a year ago as I write this).

And their tiny house is only costing them about $15,000 which they can own out right and take wherever they’d like.

Beck & Reece’s DIY Tiny House in Australia

And wait a second… Isn’t that a CAR towing a tiny house? Never seen that before.

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