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Dee Williams in her Tiny House Loft

If you’ve been looking into tiny house sleeping lofts and wondering it wouldn’t be stuffy and hot up there you’re in the right place.

I like answering tiny house questions I receive from Facebook and Email here on the blog because then everyone (including you) can benefit from it.

Today’s question is from Michael and you can read it yourself below:

Alex, I love some of the tiny house designs in your newsletter, but one issue I never see mentioned is the terrible heat problem of sleeping in a loft with no air conditioning. Anyone who has gone up in an attic of a home in the summer knows you could not live in one of these small homes.

This is a great question and I’m glad he brought it up. (Thanks Mike!)

Isn’t It Too Stuffy & Hot in Tiny House Sleeping Lofts?

Well, I can introduce you to Dee Williams, who has been living in her tiny house (with a loft) for more than 7 years now.

But since she’s in Portland, OR heat is not too much of an issue for her.

So what if you live in somewhere like Florida? Or even New York in the summer. It gets hot.

Here’s how to stay cool in a tiny house loft during the heat (and I invite you to add your tips and tricks in the comments too):

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Are you considering designing or building tiny houses for yourself or maybe even for others?

If you’re looking for the right tiny housing event or tiny house workshops you’re at the right place.

Especially because right now because there are over 14 workshops on sale until May 31, 2014.

And the tickets are 40% off which is almost half off so great timing.

Here’s how to tell if one of these workshops are right for you or not.

Because they’re not great for everyone, right?

Should You Go To One Of These Tiny House Workshops?


Photo: TumbleweedHouses

These workshops are best for you if you want to…

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I’ve been wanting to introduce you to ShelterWise‘s 96 sq. ft. Salsa Box Tiny House on wheels so here it is.

You might like this mobile micro cabin if you want a cozy and compact micro home for simple living and occasional traveling because it’s an easy to tow tiny home.

The one you’re seeing here is the 12′ model but it’s also available in 16′ and 20’ lengths.

And everything about it works pretty much just like an RV (30 amp hookup and water connections).

What might surprise you is what’s inside (full bathroom, kitchen, and queen bed for sleeping).

Simple Living in 96 Sq. Ft. Micro House

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If you’re looking into the idea of tiny houses but are wondering why when you can just get an RV, travel trailer, or motorhome for less…

Well, you’re at the right place because in this post I’ll help you understand the benefits of tiny houses, motorhomes, RVs, and travel trailers. But I’m also going to share the downfalls for each side.

In this post, it’s all about you, because I want to help you figure out what’s best according to YOUR needs. So pay attention real quick and watch the video below where Jason Dietz of Molecule Tiny Homes gives you some helpful insight on tiny houses.

RVs versus Tiny Houses on Trailers

Enjoy the video with Jason and my “Pros/Cons list” on.. Tiny Houses VS. Manufactured RVs below:
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In this post I’m showing you a 129 sq. ft. micro apartment in Paris with kitchen, bed and bath.

And how this woman re-created the space to meet her needs in this tiny space (granted she is an architect).

But when you go inside into the living room the bed rolls right out of wall and if you roll it out only half way you can use it as a couch.

After you enjoy the photo tour, video tour, interview, and discussion below I’d like to ask you to join our discussion in the comments (would you rather live in tiny house in your favorite rural setting or a micro apartment in your favorite city?)

How This Woman Went Tiny in a Paris Micro Apartment

All of the pillows and everything you need to make the bed are stored in wall cabinets right by the roll out bed.

So essentially your living room transforms into your bedroom whenever you’d like. But it gets even more interesting…

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This 192 sq. ft. off-grid tiny cabin design was submitted as part of Lamar’s off grid tiny house design contest where you can win up to $500.

But this 12′ x 16′ tiny house is designed to be built using 2×6 construction to add extra insulation because the home will be heated with solar power.

There will be a ‘soda can’ type solar heater as well as using natural window solar heating by design. It is also set up to receive wind power and collect rainwater.

A propane tank can be used just in case solar water heated water is not available and it can also be used for cooking if needed.

192 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Solar Tiny Cabin

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In this post I’m introducing you to a company called Montainer who recycles shipping containers and turns them into sustainable, modern homes for clients.

Their homes meet all United States building and energy codes and can be delivered anywhere in the United States.

Montainer has a growing “shipping container to home conversion” product line which just means more models and designs for clients to choose from.

Related: 500 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Tiny Home with a Built In Micro Pool

Montainer Shipping Container Homes

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