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A 200-year old townhouse in the historic Leiden, Netherlands lands a make-over and is turned into a modern minimalist home with history.

The original structure remains the same while the interior has been stripped and re-vamped with multifunctional furniture and a twisting staircase to get to each of the three levels. 

Total square footage on this 17th-century neatly stacked townhouse is 807 square feet.

Wooden furniture is built-in on each level to provide storage, seating, desk, lounge areas, bedding, and more.

This open plan three story townhouse is functional, yet simple, which keeps the house’s original character.

Three-story townhouse Turned into Minimalist Home

I encourage you to enjoy touring the rest of this inspiring little house in the Netherlands below:

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I thought you’d like to know that there’s a brand new Dakota tiny house for sale on auction on eBay that you can bid on if you want.

It’s an amazing tiny home (that comes with a big price tag) but it’s nearly ready to move in and has lots of features that make it easy to live in full time.

In fact, would you live in this tiny house full time? Please let us know in the comments down at the bottom because we’re all curious.

One of the features that makes it easy to live in full time is a downstairs bedroom in the rear of the house so you don’t have to go up and down a sleeping loft to go to bed every night.

In the past I’ve featured this house here so you might have seen it before. In that post you can find even more photos and details.

Update: SOLD

Dakota Tiny House For Sale on Auction


© cuautosales

See more and learn how you can bid and possibly buy this tiny home on auction below if you want to:

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I just had to show you this amazing DIY bicycle powered elevator built for this tiny tree house cabin that’s up in air.

Ethan got sick of climbing the ladder dozens of times a day to and from his self-built treehouse.

So he did what anyone who owns a self-built treehouse would do…

Build a cheap DIY elevator out of a bicycle.

So now when friends visit they can simply use the ladder… Or they can have a lot more fun this way.

In this post you’re going to get to see Ethan’s DIY treehouse, his DIY elevator, and briefly how did it all.

Treehouse Micro Cabin with Bicycle Powered Elevator

© Ethan Schlussler

© Ethan Schlussler

Learn how it works and see more below:
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Swedish designers Inrednin Gsgruppen created the Bird’s Nest Tiny House in northern Sweden.

It’s a part of a hotel that’s up in the trees, camouflaged, and ready to relax in.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty expensive to stay at. But if you do have the money, it would likely be unforgettable (there are other cool shelters on site too).

Either way, you get to see it all right here in this post today almost just as if you were there.

And I couldn’t help but think to myself, hey, here’s one way we could get by codes/zoning for tiny housing (but I’m kidding of course).

Bird’s Nest Tiny House Hotel up in the Trees

© TreeHotel.se

© TreeHotel.se

From the outside it looks like an ostrich nest or maybe some kind of ancient flying dinosaur’s nest but when you go inside you find a modern and luxurious tiny cabin, see for yourself below:

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Have you ever dreamed of building your own- and even living in a- tiny house?

Want to interact with other people who have the same dream?

Then you might want to consider attending a Tumbleweed Workshop.

You will learn about building codes, zoning tips, avoiding costly mistakes, and a more in depth look at the tiny lifestyle.

It starts this March 22-23, 2014 at one of Tumbleweed’s upcoming workshops… This one is in Stony Brook, NY (about an hour east of NYC)

Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in New York

© Tumbleweed Houses

© Tumbleweed Houses

Check out what else you can learn at one of these events filled with other like-minded people:

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You may remember Chris Haynes and his 252 sq. ft. Bodega tiny house with Deek.

If not, just click the link above and you can get the tour of his main house which is just 252 square feet.

Chris built this tiny house first and lived in it for more than a year (completely mortgage-free) with his dog (more on that story in the video below) while he was building his main house.

So now his “guest” house- of course- happens to be just 90 sq. ft. His original tiny cabin.

It was built using the old Tumbleweed XS plans (which I think are normally around 65-square-feet) but he actually built his 1′ wider (90-square-feet) because he built his on a foundation (instead of on a trailer).

Using a Tiny House as a Guest House

I think that’s an awesome micro cabin. In fact, I’ve always wanted to build the XS (I even own a set of the original plans).

What’s also great is that his main house is also relatively tiny at just 252 sq. ft.

Anyway head down below to enjoy the video tour w/ Deek as he also interviews the owner/builder/dweller below:

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I ran into this news segment on the Tiny House Movement by Global News 16×9 in Canada.

The episode takes you on an adventure into a few people’s lives who live very tiny lives.

And the question is, for these people, do small spaces mean more freedom?

But it’s not just that. These micro homes are also much better for the environment.

What do you small spaces- including tiny homes- mean to you?

Tiny House Movement: Small Spaces More Freedom?

© 16x9onglobal

© 16x9onglobal

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this article on the tiny house movement, watch the 10 minute documentary video below and see how you may even want to become a part of the small movement for freedom, too, below:

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