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These 200 sq. ft. tiny cabins are the perfect getaway.

But if you’re like me, it can also be a great place to live simply in full time.

Each unit has 200 sq. ft. of interior space and 240 sq. ft. of deck space outside.

Inside you’ve got your living room, bedroom and kitchenette.

And outside you can hang out and- of course- use the bathroom which is on the porch.

Rolling Tiny Cabins in the Mountains

Check it out below and let us know if you would or wouldn’t consider living in one full time (and why) in the comments below:

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If you (like me) also like balconies and have always wished for a tiny house on wheels with one…

Then it’s your lucky day. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this.

Zyl Vardos has designed and built a mobile tiny home with a balcony for a client.

And in this post, you’re going to get to tour the entire thing!

This micro cabin is in the Fortune Cookie Style family of the Zyl Vardos lineup.

Fortune Cookie Tiny House with a Balcony

To tour the rest and learn more about this creative tiny house see below:

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Introducing the Vastu tiny cabin (see Maharishi Vastu Architecture).

This 200 square feet home has everything you need to live happily and simply, including:

  • Full kitchen
  • Marble countertops
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Spacious sleeping loft
  • Elegant wood finishings
  • Lots of natural light

And more… Best of all it starts at just $29,900 if you wanted to have one built for you.

The Elegant Vastu Tiny Cabin

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour (including video and interview with designer/builders) and learn more below about how you can get one for yourself too:

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I had to show you this handmade micro cabin built on a 4×4 diesel truck that’s for sale.

It’s a custom built wooden cabin mounted on a 4WD Mitsubishi L200.

The owner/builder calls it a Demountable Shepherds Hut Motorhome.

And he’s selling it because he’s moving out of the country.

Right now it’s located near Guildford, United Kingdom and is ready for a new owner.

4×4 Off Road Micro Cabin Truck

See the rest of this DIY truck camper and learn more about it too below:

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If you’ve been wanting to learn how to build a tiny house on a trailer a hands on workshop is a great way to gain experience in carpentry and construction in a safe (and encouraging) environment.

I also like workshops because you get to meet and hangout with usually a couple dozen other like minded people who are also into tiny living.

So if you’re interested in learning how to build alongside other enthusiasts in an environment where you can learn, do, and connect with others I highly recommend Dan Louche’s workshop.

Cumming, GA 2-Day Hands On Tiny House Workshop

Learn more about how you can attend this event below:

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A little while back I told you about Brett‘s amazing villa style off grid tiny house on wheels that he built in New Zealand.

At that time, it was parked at his parents house but that’s not where he planned on living in it.

By the way, you can see that post here in case you already haven’t which showcases and gives you a tour of Brett’s DIY tiny home on a trailer that he built himself after moving back to his home country.

Brett Moves his Off Grid Tiny House to the Beach

Video: Tiny Home Goes Off Grid to the Beach

In this video tour/interview you’ll also get:

  • Tips on how to build your own tiny house the DIY (Do It Yourself) way
  • Suggestions on how to go about finding a place to park and live in it
  • Tips when towing your micro home on wheels (and what vehicle he used to do it)
  • What to do first when going tiny and why

Please go ahead- enjoy and share below:

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If you’re in the United Kingdom and wondering if there are any tiny houses around, you’re in luck.

Tiny Houses UK designs and builds affordable micro homes that are better for the environment.

Mark Burton is the man behind this mission of bringing micro houses to England.

Mark Burton’s Tiny Houses in the UK

Tour the rest of this particular home below:

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