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John Labovitz lives in a DIY micro cabin he built on an Isuzu truck.

Inside the 119 sq. ft. cabin on wheels he’s got a:

  • kitchenette,
  • a tiny wood stove,
  • living area with couch,
  • sleeping area,
  • and desk.

There’s a mini fridge, plenty of storage, and custom built furniture.


I encourage you to take the full video tour (and enjoy the interview with John) below:

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This is a rare 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV Motorhome which I think is a pretty awesome/unique car camper.

It’s V-8 powered and inside you’ve got a:

  • bathroom with shower,
  • kitchen with big sink, stove and fridge,
  • cabinets for storage,
  • and a wardrobe closet.

It can sleep 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids.

1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV Motorhome


Learn more and take the complete tour (inside and out) below:

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I just had to show you this 400 sq. ft. oak log cabin on wheels from Gastineau Log Homes.

It’s their Log Cabins 2 Go line of homes which are under the Park Model category.

This means they’re built on trailers but since they’re wider than 8’6″ you’d need to hire professional movers to tow it or acquire the “wide load” permit/license yourself.

So it costs more to move. But you get a lot more valuable space inside.

I think it’s a great option if you want a downstairs bedroom, more space, all while still having the ability to move if you really wanted to.


Gastineau Log Homes has been building solid oak homes since 1977. Let me show you inside (and available floor plans) below:

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When it comes to small houses planning and design really counts.

This couple began creating ideas for their future “perfect” home early in their marriage.

They wanted a home that was big enough for just the two of them (and their dogs).

This way they’d have more time and money for their personal interests.


Aaron Leitz for the NY Times

See more of Lily Copenagle and Jamie Kennel’s small house below. They’re the couple behind this 700 sq. ft. house of freedom.

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Reader Submitted Tiny Log Cabin Guest Post

This is our 136 sq. ft. log cabin.

It’s located in the forest of WA.

Inside there’s a simple bathroom with shower.

As soon as you walk in it’s straight ahead to the left.


I encourage you to come on in for a quick tour of this tiny log cabin below:

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The Mini Mod is a 279 sq. ft. prefab tiny house.

It’s designed for modern off-grid living and consists of four modules:

Your bedroom, living room, dining area, and bathroom – all on one level (no lofts).

Parts of the areas can be closed off for privacy or opened up for a more spacious feeling that brings the outdoors in.

Pine plywood, treated recycled wood, and large glass windows surround you while you’re inside.

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this modern Mini Mod tiny home below:

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Let Us Interview You — Share your Tiny House Story Here!

In this post we are interviewing Marcos Ribeiro of Madame Vive.

And I’ll also be getting to show you the tiny house on a trailer that they just designed and built.

Enjoy the photos and interview and ask any other questions you might have in the comments at the bottom.


Tour inside this $9K tiny house on wheels and enjoy the interview with the designer/builder below:

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