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If you’ve been discouraged by tiny house prices lately think again.

Macy Miller of Mini Motives was able to design and build her own DIY tiny house for just $11,000.

And now… she’s offering it to us. If you like the design, she’s packaged plans so you can build it too.

The 196 sq. ft. mobile micro home is simple, beautiful, functional and best of all…

No mortgage.

UPDATE: New video tour with Macy added down below 🙂

Woman Builds Debt-FREE Micro Home


But it wasn’t that easy… I encourage you to continue reading and touring her tiny house below to learn more about how she did it:

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This is a Reader Submitted Guest Post – Send in Yours Here!

Just moved into an approx. 600 sq ft cottage in the mountains of NC.

It was built in 1939 as a garage – and was converted in the 50’s to a house.

Many of the door handles are polished wooden branches (for the closets and the back door and the bedroom door).

I used many of the hints and ideas from other folks ‘living small’ to take advantage of the unusual and tiny spaces in this place.


Truly enjoying the downsized way of living – and with those views out the back door…how could I not?

– Kessa

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of Kessa’s beautiful little 600 sq. ft. cottage below:

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I’m so thrilled to show you this tiny home that was built using three shipping containers.

Steve, the owner/builder, has been collecting ideas for this project for years.

He’s a computer programmer who loves designing and building. His website is awesome because he shows you how he did it, too.

Containers to Cabin Conversion


Images: Steve at Tin Can Cabin

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of tour of this awesome shipping container cabin below:

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Wanted to show you Yahini Homes‘ latest tiny house on wheels.

It’s called the Butterfly cabin. A few months ago I showed you their 8’x14′ folding porch tiny house.

Weighs 5100 lbs, has a built in porch, and is stick-built using glued and screwed 2 x 4 framing.

Total width including the gutters (yes, it has gutters!) is 8’6″ so it’s legal to tow without any special permits.

Road height is just 12′ so you’re good there, too (for towing).


Images: Yahini Homes

Total length including the trailer tongue is 21′.

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour below:

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Here’s a simple and relatively tiny A-frame cabin in the woods.

It was built in 1968 in the woods of Dorrington, California.

Once you go inside you’ll see it has a classic firewood stove made out of cast iron.

A simple staircase system takes you upstairs to the bedroom and loft hangout with balcony.


Images: David Nichols

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour below:

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Wanted to show you this tiny house for sale in Payson, Utah.

It’s listed on eBay right now and was built using Tumbleweed plans from November 2010.

The little house was built on an 8’x18′ flatbed trailer.

It has electric, water and sewer hook ups just like an RV.

This tiny cabin on wheels even has a bathroom with RV style flush toilet and shower too.

The upstairs loft has a skylight, there’s a tiny built in porch, and two closets inside.


Images: eBay

I encourage you to check out the rest of this mobile, stick-built home- with log cabin siding- below:

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Just wanted to show you this custom built 2014 Woody style teardrop camper that’s for sale.

It’s listed on eBay right now with a buy it now price of $7,500.

It’s almost brand new, has a clear title and comes with plenty of cool features.

The camper is 4′ x 8′ with a 6′ x 4′ sleeping area.


I encourage you to take a complete tour of it and learn more about it below:

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