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Asheville NC, just experienced its rainiest summer on record. I recall last year being a bit wet as well. Both seasons included a few days where we needed run our generator to supplement the solar power and recharge our batteries until the sun decided to make its reappearance.

I’ll be honest; a rainy day in our tiny house is not our favorite kind of day. We designed our home to make use of the outdoor space by building an outdoor kitchen and a deck so we could enjoy our mountain and our woods. When it rains for several days straight it can become quite frustrating. So, we needed to be good at figuring out ways to keep ourselves from experiencing extreme cabin fever. Here are the top 5 things we do on rainy days in our tiny house.

Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

Play table top games. Other people not as nerdy as we are would just refer to these as board games, but we are that kind of nerdy. They key with games in the tiny house is that they should be small and easy to store. Large game boards and boxes are not as conducive to the tiny life as a deck of cards. Games we enjoy are Fluxx, Munchkin, Gloom, Apples to Apples and the not-safe-for-work-or-children Cards Against Humanity. Many of these require at least three players but there are lots of two player games that only require a traditional deck of cards or even a digital chess board.

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If you’re like me and you’d still cook even if you’re living in a tiny house then maybe you’ve also thought about dishwashers..

Especially ones that are small enough to fit in your ever-so-tiny kitchen.

Right now I live in a micro apartment but we love cooking.

And even though our kitchen is really small, we still do it every day.

Sometimes we even cook for friends and family… So yeah, I wish we had a dishwasher at times!

But, I’m still not 100% convinced that it’s worth it. And I’ll explain why below…

Dishwashers for Really Small Kitchens

So while doing some research on which ones might work, I decided I’d put together this blog post based on my findings so that’s what you’ll find here along with my thoughts.

Countertop Dishwashers for Tiny Houses so you can use it daily easily?


Image: Amazon.com

My concern is that these countertop versions to me aren’t worth it because they still take up too much space in our already tiny kitchen if you decided to leave it out all the time.

And although compact, they’re still pretty big so it wouldn’t be fun putting it away and getting it out when you want to use it.

So here’s another idea I think you’ll like on how to make this “countertop dishwasher in a tiny house idea” better

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Shelter House

I thought you’d like this tiny house that’s in Yport on top of a cliff in Normandy, France.

My favorite part about it is not only the location but the rooftop terraces that are accessible on the second floor from the bedroom.

Directly underneath the rooftop terraces are some covered patios. These are available as wings on opposite sides of the home.

It was created by architect Franklin Azzi and can actually be finished in a variety of ways which I’ll show you below.

I encourage you to tour the rest of this tiny home below:

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Guest Post by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Aside from working on a custom tree house for a Boston-area client, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of www.Relaxshacks.com has also been working on completing a ANOTHER BRAND NEW cabin for people to check out at his upcoming hands-on tiny house building and design workshop Nov. 15-17 in MA (you’ll see SEVEN cabins in all, including THE FIRST TUMBLEWEED).

He has also been wrapping up the details on his tiny house on wheels, “The Cub”, that workshop attendees will be seeing, AND on this little cabin in Vermont, that cost a mere $300 to make. There’s a vlog video on the cabin you can check out below, and here are a few as-of-yet released photos on the progress he’s been making in Vermont, where he’s mainly building with recycled materials….part of the focus of his upcoming gathering.


I encourage you to see more of this tiny cabin and learn more below:

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One of my favorite new tiny house builders is the Oregon Cottage Company led by architect Todd Miller.

This tiny home that I’m showing you today was completed for a client of his who wanted a home that she could afford and love. She also grew up in Japan, so she wanted something that would really make her feel at home.

She really wanted a tea room. But this is a huge challenge when you’re designing a 134-square-feet house. So Todd proposed to combine the living space with the tea room. And it worked!

There’s a built-in warming hearth for the tea kettle on the floor and all of the mechanics are hidden underneath. Plus there’s even some storage that you can use underneath this area for other things. Let me show you.


Images: Oregon Cottage Company

Looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? I encourage you to take a look inside, too, below:

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