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I wanted to let you know that a 99 Sq. Ft. Anderjack tiny cottage on wheels is available to buy right now from Four Lights Houses.

This Craftsman style tiny house is located in New York right now. The structure is 7′ x 16′ but with the trailer and roofline it’s about 9’6″ x 20′ with an 11’2″ height.

When you go inside the first level ceiling is 6’6″ high and when you go into the upstairs loft it’s about 3′ tall. This is a shell model which means the interior is unfinished. That’s why it’s just $19,000 because there’s still plenty of work to be done before it’s completed.

The good news is that you can finish the inside any way that you like. This includes the option of using Jay Shafer’s component furniture for tiny houses to finish it.


Image: Four Lights Houses

I encourage you to learn more about this Anderjack tiny house below:

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Well, almost a tiny house. And to him, it probably felt pretty tiny at first because he went from a 17-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom double wide mobile home.

I ran into this story thanks to one of our readers, Tracy, who sent this over to me on our Facebook Page. (Thanks Tracy!)

It’s the story of a millionaire movie director named Tom Shadyac who has gone from a 17,000 sq. ft. mansion with multiple full-time employees to a luxurious 1000 sq. ft. double wide mobile home.


Photo by Kathclick

That might not be a tiny house to many of us who are considering living in 800 sq. ft. or less but for him, I think it’s quite admirable. He went from 17 bedrooms to just 2. From 13 bathrooms to just 2. And he uncluttered and simplified his life in a big way during the process.


Photo Credit Oprah

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this story below and share your thoughts about it in the comments as we ask, “Do you think this trend will continue? Will more millionaires realize that less really is more and end up downsizing?”

…that stuff doesn’t equal happiness. Even if you can hire people to take care of this stuff for you.

Personally I think it’s already happening. Except wealthy folks will most likely not be downsizing to the extent that we might be considering but they’re still realizing the basic principle that more doesn’t mean better… Or happier.

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When people tell me they want to travel a lot with their future tiny house on wheels I always think, “hey, why not just go for a travel trailer because it’s lighter and easier to tow?”

And if you wanted you can always still live in a travel trailer just like you would in a tiny house. Especially if you get to completely renovate it.

In this case we’ve got a 1954 Airstream that was wonderfully renovated into what I consider a modern tiny cabin on wheels by Timeless Travel Trailers.


Photo Credit Orvis

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of this awesome RV to micro cabin conversion:

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Welcome to the Little Coconut in Kailua, Hawaii. It’s a lovely micro cottage that you can rent or vacation in.

It’s custom built and surrounded by mango and hau trees. It’s also angled just right so that you can enjoy the cool trade winds.

Staying here starts at just $75/night. Not too bad for Hawaii, right? And yet another great way to try out tiny living.


Photo credit Airbnb

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour below:

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What if you want to build a tiny house but have never built anything before? You’re not alone.

A great way to learn, especially if you have no carpentry experience, is to attend a hands on workshop.

This is an experience where you get to design and build integral parts of a tiny home with other participants.

Meanwhile you also get to make friends with other like minded people who also enjoy small spaces and simple living.


Above is a shot of us at Dan’s first Tiny Home Builders workshop in Alpharetta, GA which was an amazing experience. I encourage you to find out more below:

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If you’re anything like me you also happen to like yurts. Or pretty much any “alternative living” type of structure.

So I wanted to show you this private yurt cabin in Malibu, California today.

It’s surrounded by a fully functioning organic citrus farm and vegetable garden which I think makes it even better.

I’ve always wanted to stay in a yurt so I’ve got something like this on my mind for my next vacation, how about you?


Photo Credit: Airbnb

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour inside the yurt below:

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This weekend marked the first day of autumn for 2013. Like many people, I love this time of year. As you probably know from reading Tiny House Talk, I live in a tiny house that we built in the Appalachian Mountains near Asheville North Carolina. As you might imagine this is a majestic place for leaves and other fun fall activities. I thought I might share some of the reasons I love my tiny house in the fall.

1. The Leaves. We didn’t build our house at the top of the mountain ridge. Instead, we chose a small clearing nestled in the middle of our 15 acres that is surrounded by all kinds of amazing trees. Our fall starts with the unexciting Tulip Poplars common in the region. Their leaves simply turn brown and fall off with very little fanfare. But once the Tulip Poplars are out of the way there is room for the rest of the Appalachian trees to shine. It is truly gorgeous.

My tiny house in Autumn

My tiny house in Autumn

I encourage you to read more below:

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