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I really like this tiny cabin‘s modern look and feel.

Especially because everything remains simple. Really simple.

This modern micro house was designed to be a weekend getaway.

In it you’ll find a lofted sleeping area with a great view thanks to the cabin’s design.

There’s a screened porch area along with a deck. Take a look for yourself below.


I encourage you to go inside below:

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Here’s micro vardo coffee shop called Three Beans Coffee that I spotted in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The owner told me it was built by a friend of his who was a builder of custom doors and windows in Asheville, North Carolina.

He wanted to go into the coffee business, but found that custom doors and windows are better business.

Guest Post and Photos by Jens J


I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the photos below:

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Just over a year ago I wrote about my dream for a tiny house convention.

In April 2014, Tiny House Conference becomes a reality thanks to the organizational skills and big ideas from The Tiny Life’s Ryan Mitchell.

While I can’t take any credit for the concept or certainly any of the work, I am pleased that the event is happening.


Though the event was announced early this year, Mitchell recently updated the website and is now actively promoting the conference.

On the website you can see the list of speakers as well as a general guideline to the types of workshops that will be scheduled throughout the weekend.

Mitchell promises a lot of tiny houses on site for convention goers to walk through as part of the experience.


I encourage you to read more about the Tiny House Conference below:

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Introducing the Pearl tiny house. It’s one of three that are located at the Caravan as part of the Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

This little home on wheels was designed and built by Shelter Wise LLC in Portland. It was completed in June 2013.

It’s other name is “The Miter Box” because of the precision of the project. This 90 square foot house features a dining table that converts into a queen bed, much like in many RVs.

In addition it offers two other lofts. And the bathroom is a wet bath.


Let me give you the rest of the tour below:

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You have probably heard the news by now but in case you haven’t we wanted to share a little information about the new Tiny House Hotel that recently launched in Portland, Oregon.

Tiny house aficionados and entrepreneurs Deb Delman and Kol Peterson opened a three-room (or, rather, 3 house) tiny hotel in the Portland Arts district.

They worked with the city government to acquire the right permitting and spoke with the neighborhood businesses about their plans.


They contracted several tiny house designers and builders to create and lease the three current tiny houses with the hopes to expand.

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Hank is an architect student who bought a bus for his final project.

He was tired of doing projects that weren’t real. They were just on paper.

Hank’s grandfather owns an 80 acre parcel of land in Wisconsin where they wanted to build a tiny cabin on the land.

But because of building codes and zoning regulations in the area they were only allowed to build a cabin so small.

So for the last few years they’ve been discussing the idea of buying a bus and turning it into a cabin to use while on the property.


I encourage you to learn more about this awesome bus conversion to mobile cabin project below (there’s even a video tour and interview with Hank below): [click to continue…]


Here’s a 250 square feet micro cabin I thought you might like.

It’s a studio set up but it’s self contained so you’ve got all the amenities you need in here.

There’s a bathroom, water heater, kitchenette, oven, microwave, mini-frig, coffee maker, etc.

And I love the deck out front and how you can open up the doors and windows and get a nice breeze through the house.


I encourage you to take the rest of the tour below:

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