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I’ll admit – it has been a long time since I was single. Over 18 years, in fact. Since I live comfortably in 120 square feet with one other person (and a cat) I started to think about what kind of space would be right for a single tiny house owner.

Before I provide my list of tiny house designs for singles I do want to say that the perfect tiny house for anyone is whatever tiny house they want to live in. But, without further ado, here are 5 designs that I think would be great for just one person.

Renzo Piano’s Tiny House. This teensy tiny house made the circuit a few weeks back. The approximately 8X10 tiny house is a lifelong dream for 75 year old award winning architect, Piano. The tiny house, called Diogene, may have been named for the Greek philosopher Diogenes who believed the artificial growth of society was not compatible with happiness. When the tiny home hits the market in about three years it will cost around $45,000. This minimalist home appears to have everything that a single person might need to be comfortable.


I encourage you to see more tiny house ideas for single people below:
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Here’s a tiny house that you probably haven’t seen before.

It’s a 9′ x 24′ Irish Gypsy Cottage as named by Joe O’Conner of Zoe Cottages.

At just 200-square-feet I think you’ll be surprised at how spacious it might feel relative to most of the 8’6″ wide versions that we normally see on trailers.

Also if you you’re not a fan of sleeping lofts you’ll be especially happy because this design has a downstairs bedroom.


Photo Credit YouTube/Mike Warner

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of this tiny house below along with the video tour at the bottom:

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People ask us all the time how we can live together in 120 square feet. It is asked as though people are surprised that a couple would even have any interest in being that close to one another. We always smile and laugh politely and tell them that we have 15 acres so we always have an exit. In reality, we’ve never had any problems living in our tiny house. That isn’t to say we haven’t fought, but we also fought in a 2700 square foot house and the dynamics don’t really change.

So when I was talking with Alex here at Tiny House Talk about my next few topics and he suggested Tiny House Plans for Couples, I was intrigued. As far as I am concerned the best tiny house for a couple is whatever tiny house they want to live in. But, I accepted the challenge and here are three tiny house plans that I think can be great for couples.

1. Tarleton Tiny House

Inside our Tarleton. Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

Inside our Tarleton. Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

The Tarleton by Tumbleweed Tiny House. Okay, I am a bit biased. Our tiny house is a Tarleton that we modified slightly as we built it. I think this 120 square foot home is perfect and has everything two people need: a reasonably sized kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a nice sitting area, and a loft. Friends came to visit recently who hadn’t yet been to the tiny house and they commented on how much bigger it was than they thought. It is a pretty spacious little house that is designed well. Buy the plans here.

Take a look at my other two favorite tiny house plans for couples below:

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Just wanted to let you know about the “Outhouse” tiny house for sale by Tennessee Tiny Homes. Update: SOLD

I actually had the chance of personally touring this micro house on wheels while at a RelaxShacks.com workshop earlier this year.

It’s available right now (unless someone already snapped it up) for just $12,500 and is located in Collierville, Tennessee.

But Joe may be willing and able to deliver for a reasonable fee if you’d like him to. So anyway, let me give you the details and photos below.


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If you love tiny houses but seriously question whether you think you’d be able to live in one or not long term renting one is a great way to figure that out.

And although expensive, it costs much less money and time than building one and finding out the hard way that it isn’t right for you.

So for those of you sort of on the fence about it, I highly recommend booking your next vacation in a tiny house and getting some real life experience with one first hand.

Trust me because it might end up saving you months of labor and thousands of dollars. Because what if a small house is better for you than a tiny one? Again, best way to find out, is stay in one for a while and experience it.

Update: Unfortunately, this tiny home is no longer at this location and therefore not available for rent anymore. But you can still enjoy a virtual tour below:


So this is Tumbleweed’s latest tiny house design called the Linden. Plans for it should be available soon but they’re not out yet. I’ll let you know when that happens. Get email updates from me here if you want to. Let me give you the complete tour of the Linden below:

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If you dream about building a tiny house of your own, especially one on wheels, here’s a great chance for you to learn how with Dee Williams (in person).

She’s the author of Go House Go: How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels and her tiny house has been viewed by millions of people on television and on the Internet.

Dee has had the opportunity speak at various events including a TED Conference. Most recently I had the pleasure of getting to meet her at the Tiny House Fair in Vermont at Yestermorrow.

And by the way, she’s even more amazing in person! Anyways, this is an entry level workshop dedicated to teaching you design concepts and building principles for little houses on wheels.


In it you’ll get to learn:

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Now here’s a tiny house that instantly makes you feel like you’re looking at a UFO.

Only it’s not a UFO. It’s a modern tiny house called Futuro.

This is a totally out of this world home designed by architect Matti Suuronen in 1968.

The nature of it’s design reflects the mentality of the sixties when people began to believe that technology would solve all problems in society.


It was accommodated to fit up to 8 people and constructed out of reinforced plastic.

I encourage you to learn more and get the rest of the tour below:

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