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Piglet in the Loft

I have a confession to make.

When I lived in a large suburban house I was not that organized.

I had a theory that if I would use an item again I didn’t want to have to put it away only to get it out again to use it.

Not only that, but mail would pile up on the counter and clothes would never make it back to the closet after they were washed.

piglet laundry

So, I wasn’t precisely sure how living in a tiny house would change anything. I figured it could get just as messy but worse in a small space.

As it turns out, going small helped me with my organizational skills. Here are 5 ways I stay organized in the tiny house and you can too.

Put it away. The good news about a tiny space is that the place where something belongs can’t, by nature, be too far from where it is used. Put it away. Does that salt shaker go on a shelf? Don’t leave it on the counter. Did you just get home from the Laundromat? Put the clothes in the closet now, not later.

For more ways to stay organized in a tiny space see below:

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Now here’s a tiny cabin I think will resonate with you if you’re also into simple living.

Sure, this may be too extreme for most of us, including myself because I really am a big people and family person.

But it’s something I’d still like to do as an experience once or twice a year.

It seems like that if you were here, you can really escape it all. I’d turn my phone off and just enjoy spending time with myself here.

And if you have a spouse or significant other it can be a great time to reconnect with each other on a deeper level.


Either way I think it would make for a peaceful and rejuvenating experience for most of us. I’ll bet you it wouldn’t cost very much to set up a simple vacation cabin like this one. Please, let me give you the rest of the tour below:

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I love all sorts of small house designs and this one really caught my attention because it’s a mixture of a cabin and a yurt.

It’s especially unique in that it’s a round structure and to me it just defines simplicity.

There’s something about it too that makes me feel peaceful. And I don’t think it’s just me.

I think there’s really something special about structures like these.

The company that makes it is called Rotunda and I really love the idea behind their creation which I’ll share with you below.


I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of this tiny yurt cabin below (I think you’ll be really impressed with the bathroom):

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This is the perfect opportunity for those of you who have been considering moving into a tiny house but haven’t experienced it yet.

To get to vacation in a well built 120 square foot tiny home on wheels that has a very modern design to it.

It’s located in Portland, Oregon which I hear is such an awesome place to tiny house people. Don’t expect miracles (like tiny houses and communities everywhere), but I hear it’s a really cool place.

I think this would be a great vacation to get to know a cool place with open minded people and get to stay in a tiny house to try it out for size.

You Should Take a Tiny House Vacation Before You Build One!


Enjoy the rest of the tour below:

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This is Yahini Homes smallest home ever built and it’s a 112 square feet tiny house on a trailer.

It’s 8′ x 14′ and meant to be off the grid with solar battery power and a rainwater collection system.

For heat the owner is planning on using a simple wood stove and since it’s well insulated it will be no problem to keep the place warm.

Off Grid Tiny House on Wheels


Photos by YahiniHomes
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I thought you would enjoy this shed from tiny house design that was converted to an amazing little bunkhouse.

The owner Sue did a great job not only in the design and the interior but also in completing this project for only around $12,000.

I find these sheds converted into tiny houses so fun and interesting and it’s fun to see people convert them into beautiful tiny homes like the one below.


I encourage you to tour the rest of this tiny cabin below:
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The other morning I got this email from a reader on the topic of families and tiny houses.

Here’s what it said and then I’ll give you my thoughts after (and I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments).

If you have a family and you’re thinking of going tiny don’t do it until you read this:

“Hi Alex,

I LOVE your site and am so interested in tiny houses!!! I would live in one today if I could convince my husband. We have a family of 5 (one teenage girl and two 5 year olds). Would love to simplify our lives and live within our means. I have never seen any of these houses in person and was wondering if you knew of any in _____? We currently live in ______.

Thank you!”


So, what do you think? (share in comments & read what I think below)

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