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One of our readers (David I. from Vancouver) is sharing his tiny apartment with us today. He lives in a minimalist 452 square foot condo and has done most of the customization and design work himself. When he first moved in the place was completely empty which allowed him to start planning improvements for the space. Below is what it looks like today. Let me turn the story over to him below. davids-tiny-apartment-10 I moved in with my clothes, kitchen stuff, and a cushion to sleep on. While it was empty I became aware of the space, its limitations, and I started building around it to make it better. [click to continue…]


Tiny houses were featured on the HuffPost Live today on a segment called Honey, I Shrunk Our House.

Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders was on the show along with Logan Smith.

Also Gregory Johnson of The Small House Society and Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life.

Watch the video, interviews and tiny house tours live on the show below:


Click or scroll below to watch:

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The other day we got this comment on one of the new Tumbleweed tiny houses that just came out.

How well can someone over 6 feet tall and over 300 pounds live in this?

And the best answer I could think of, was this:

If you’re asking that, you may want to look at this instead, will probably be better for anyone who likes the idea but needs more space: http://tinyhousepins.com/tiny-house-on-roids/

Then I thought, “I better write about this really quick while the ideas are in my mind.” So here we are.

Bigger Tiny Houses for Bigger People: Park Models


Let me show you the interior below:  [click to continue…]


Today I’m showing you Dan Louche’s Tinier Living tiny house.

He’s the owner of Tiny Home Builders and you’ve most likely seen his other tiny houses:

Tinier Living: A Really Tiny Tiny House


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Acquiring and preparing a trailer for your future tiny house can be stressful and costly but it’s one of the most important parts of your tiny house if you’re building mobile because it’s your foundation.

For most people the trailer is actually the single most expensive item that you’ll buy for your tiny home. And rightly so, as it’s going to be the foundation, right?

To address this problem and to make things easier for people like us who want to build tiny cabins that are mobile Tumbleweed Houses is now offering trailers specifically designed and built for stick-built tiny houses (on wheels).

Four Trailer Sizes with Several Design Options

There are four sizes you can pick from and two trailer options right now which are:

  • 18′ utility trailer (~$4,200)
  • 20′ utility trailer (~$4,500) deck over trailer (~$6,100)
  • 24′ utility trailer (~$5,800) deck over trailer (~$6,600)
  • 26′ utility trailer (~$6,100) deck over trailer (~$6,900)

You can have your trailer delivered straight to you if you’re in the United States for an additional $500-$1500 depending on where you live. Or you can pick it up for free at one of four locations in the U.S. (listed below).


Then you can also pick four different styles within each size:  [click to continue…]


This past weekend, over at the Tiny House Talk Facebook page, Alex reposted my video tour of my tiny house with the question, “Could you cook in this kitchen?”

While there were plenty of positive responses, there were also some questions and concerns about our kitchen I wanted to address right here on Tiny House Talk.

Our Kitchen under construction by Laura M. LaVoie

Our Kitchen under construction by Laura M. LaVoie

Click below to read more about my tiny kitchen.

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I haven’t shared the news from Tumbleweed tiny houses with you yet.

They’ve recently released their new Cypress 20 tiny house design and plans.

Cypress 20 Tiny House

This model is much like the Fencl but this one’s 20′ long instead of 19′.

So it’s just a bit larger and designed differently inside. Let me show you.


It may look like you’ve seen it before because it resembles most of Tumbleweed’s designs, but I assure you it’s new:

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