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One of our awesome Tiny House Newsletter readers sent these Tiny Cabin photos to me.

It’s of a tiny house he found in the Catskills in Upstate New York.

14’x16′ Tiny Cabin in Upstate New York

The cabin has an upstairs sleeping loft that you can actually stand up in.

And it’s hooked up with a wood stove and propane. It was previously lived in but is now just used for storage.

Tiny House in the Catskills


Photo by Dirk

Enjoy the rest of the post and another angle of the cabin below:

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I’ve always wanted to draw out my own tiny house plans.

One of them has always been one for a person like me who works from home.

Whether you’re an author, writer, blogger, artist, cartoonist, musician, freelancer, or accountant…

Wouldn’t a backyard tiny house to work in be awesome? I think so.

The WorkHaus Tiny House

So I decided to create the WorkHaus Tiny House Design. It’s a simple 7’x11′ structure used to work in.

It can be built on a regular foundation as a shed in a backyard or it’s small enough to be built on a 10 ft. single axle utility trailer much like the XS House from Tumbleweed (aff).

Tiny House Design for Bloggers, Writers, Artists to Create In


I encourage you to check out the rest of this tiny blogger/author/artist/worker house below:


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Ever wonder about having a tiny house in the winter?

Our friends Chris and Malissa at Tiny Tack House just posted the video you’re about to see.

It’s of their tiny home on wheels while it’s snowing.

Video: Tiny Home in the Snow

Just because a little house is on a trailer doesn’t mean it can’t handle rough weather. Look at the solar panels filled with snow below. 🙂

Photo Credit Tiny Tack House

Photo Credit Tiny Tack House

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Just got finished updating our Tiny House Workshops Catalog for 2013.

There are some minor changes and many new workshops throughout the country.

Lots of Tiny House Workshops in 2013

I made a minor update to the front cover of the catalog/ebook. You can check it out below.


How to Download 2013 Tiny House Workshop Catalog

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The Oregon Cottage Company built this beautiful tiny house on wheels for a client with great ideas.

The based it on their Siskiyou design but they changed the following to meet the client’s needs better:

  • removed the porch,
  • added a utility room,
  • created a front deck,
  • and made the sleeping loft bigger.

I’d like to call this a great tiny house for full-time living!

Tiny House for Full-Time Living

Photo by the Oregon Cottage Company

Photos by the Oregon Cottage Company

This house has everything you need:

  • bathroom with composting toilet and shower
  • utility room with storage
  • two large storage closets with washer/dryer
  • separate storage space for clothes

But let’s take you on the rest of the tour so you can decide for yourself below:
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Just got done updating our tiny house plans ebook/catalog.

It’s a free downloadable PDF that we give away to new subscribers over at Tiny-House-Plans.com and here on TinyHouseTalk.com.

With this update we have almost doubled the amount of plans from last year!

30+ New Tiny House Plans Added!

This update was long overdue. And I plan on doing another one soon to add even more plans that should be coming out. We’re now featuring:

  • Teardrop campers
  • Tiny homes on wheels
  • Small cabins
  • Vardo campers

New Tiny House Plans Catalog Book Cover


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I’m so excited to show you this micro apartment in NYC that was photographed by David Engelhardt for Dwell Magazine.

Living in a place like NYC forces you to make the most of the space you have. That’s why the city is filled with so many fascinating small spaces, like this one.

Micro Apartment in NYC

How much can you fit into 240 square feet? This apartment/studio will give you a great idea of what might be possible in just about any small living space.

This masterfully designed space was designed and created by Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman with inspiration from furniture designer George Nakashima.


Photo by David Engelhardt via Dwell

The entire apartment is a master class in finish carpentry: There are cabinets of cypress and bamboo; a gently chamfered ash-and-beech staircase; flooring of quartered white oak; a desk of red birch slats that slips out into the living space. The lighting in the loft, much of it recessed behind panels of papyrus, lends the space a subtlety that doubles the sense of warmth. “It’s basically a piece of woodwork,” says Seggerman. “I’m very proud of that.” (Source)

Read the rest of our post and get the rest of the apartment tour below:

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