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Tiny House Talk Office

I put together this post so you can take a look behind the scenes at what we’re doing and what’s going on with Tiny House Talk.

Basically, the “behind the scenes” series will be where I publicly discuss improvements we’re making for our site.

This is also a chance for you to share your ideas for improvements in the comments. And I’m excited to consider every idea that comes our way.

Tiny House Talk Writers: Here’s What Happened

The first thing I want to touch on is our new writers and those of you who applied but haven’t heard back from me because I feel really bad about this. I’m very sorry if you haven’t heard back from me.

When I decided to let people apply for writing positions I didn’t know how many responses I was going to get and got completely overwhelmed by it. The whole thing was basically mismanaged by me but I’ve learned a lot from it so far.

Tiny House Talk Office

Tiny House Talk Office

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Support the Project Ventura Kickstarter:

Girls High School Engineering Class tackles ecological literacy by rebuilding a vintage trailer with off-grid flair!

These girls are inspired by the Tiny House Movement and are poised to make a big difference in their community.

But they need your help.


Texas has more TINY going on than one might think, considering it’s the state known for the slogan, “Everything is Bigger…”.

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Austin Texas Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop

This March 23-24, 2013 Tumbleweed will be hosting a tiny house workshop in Austin, Texas.

It’s a lecture based event led by my friend Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen along with guest speakers.

He will show you how to build a tiny house and share his tips while you get to connect with other like minded people.

What You Learn at a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop

  • How to build tiny houses cost effectively
  • Information on the tools you’ll need
  • How to pick the best materials
  • How to prevent moisture

You’ll also learn about windows, water heaters, toilets, composting, and more.

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My friend Niall over at Humble Homes has released another set of tiny house plans.

This one is called the Turtle House. It’s a little home on wheels with:

  • Downstairs bedroom/desk
  • Two large floor to ceiling closets
  • Upstairs sleeping/storage loft
  • Full service kitchenette
  • Bathroom with full sized shower

Turtle Tiny House Plans: Humble Homes

This home is 230 square feet so it’s a little larger than many that are out there. It’s 7’8″ by 24′.

This is perfect if you’re a couple considering going tiny or someone who just needs a little more space.

Our friend Karen Batchelor of Living Large with Less helped design this home with Niall of Humble Homes with the goal of creating a tiny house solution for baby boomers.

Turtle Tiny House Photos


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Snowboarder's Tiny Cabin in the Mountains

I was excited when a friend shared a video with me about snowboarder Mike Basich’s tiny house in the Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe. She posted the link with the question “But is it a tiny house?”


Basich was able to get 40 acres land, considered unbuildable by most, for a fraction of the typical price for the acreage. It is three miles from the nearest road and only accessible by snowmobile or other such vehicle. The 228 square foot house has a loft bed and an outdoor bathroom. Does this sound familiar to any of us?

Watch the WSJ Video on this Tiny Cabin in the Mountains

Click or scroll below to watch the video and read more of my thoughts on Baisch’s tiny house in the mountains.

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Tiny House Subdivision

One of my favorite things about doing email is the interesting tiny house ideas that come in while reading and replying to messages. Today I received the following email from a reader:

Have you done anything with Habitat on Tiny Homes. I have worked with people at church that are trying to get back on there feet and are single. They would love to own a home but would have no need for a full house. A tiny home subdivision on a bus route seems to me a viable idea. Big cities needing low income workers that want the respectability of owning a home.

Let me know if you have any input on this idea.

This got me thinking. What about a tiny house subdivision somewhere that is within a bus route for single people? Maybe small patches of tiny home communities can spring up within current communities. In a separate area from the rest of the homes there.

Tiny House Subdivision

Photo Credit Roger W/Flickr

Tiny House Community Solution: Subdivisions?

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Multiple Tiny House Ownership?

Most of the time we talk about tiny houses as our only home.

But have you ever considered owning multiple tiny homes, if you could?

After reading Laura’s post on tiny house living in the city versus the country, it really got me thinking about this.

Instead of one large house or condo, you’d have two- or maybe even more- small spaces in different locations.

For example, someone might decide they want to have a home in town and another out in the country with no neighbors.

Multiple Tiny House Ownership?

What are your thoughts on multiple tiny house ownership? Would you do it? I’ll leave you with my thoughts below:

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