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How Important is This?

The Convenience of Modern Living…

…and why I don’t like it.

We just spent the last two months living away from our tiny house with Matt’s mom for the holidays. Two months was an awful long time to spend in someone else’s home and while I was grateful for her hospitality I was also quite ready to leave Michigan and go back to Asheville.

There were a couple of things that I had started taking for granted living in the tiny house. They are opposite what most would expect but they were troubling to me.

  • How easy it was. I immediately missed my chores. I loved the simplicity of emptying our gray water bucket into the artificial wetland each day. I had become accustomed to breaking up my work day by going outside to handle my daily chores about 10am. As soon as we got to Michigan I felt unbalanced. I suspect that conventional life has become much too easy. Technology allows us to be hands off. As things are becoming more convenient are we becoming more disconnected with our own lives?
How Important is This?

How important is this? Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

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Tiny House Community

How about a mini tiny house community you can put together yourself with a small group of people and as little money as possible?

The other day I posted a WANTED ad in my local craigslist so I can find a plot of land to rent so I can park and live in my future tiny house on wheels.

I got one response so far and it was another tiny house person interested in the same thing!

As I was emailing back and forth with her I got to thinking about a simpler way to create a tiny house community. I’ve been thinking about this a lot especially since Jay Shafer’s announcement of a tiny village in progress.

Tiny House Community

Photo Credit Pocket-Neighborhoods.net

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Last year I interviewed Rob Scott who builds these wonderful housetrucks that look just like tiny houses.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the interview click here for that article.

He recently finished yet another tiny house on a truck and he gave me the go to share it with you.

One thing is for sure, Rob’s housetrucks sure beat living in a pickup truck.

Enjoy the photos of the housetruck below then share your favorite part about it in the comments.

As you can see this one is already equipped with a porch, plenty of windows, and a large sleeping loft.

Rob Scott's Studio Housetruck Tiny Houses (1)

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Tiny Houses on Tiny House Talk

There’s Nothing Wrong with Tiny Houses by Hollie Downes

When many people hear the words dream house, they may think about a McMansion with 4000 square feet or even more. For many other people, however, that dream is out-of-reach or may not even fit their own visions of the perfect home. For many reasons, more people are opting for tiny houses. When imagining its size, think about a covered wagon instead. Most tiny houses range somewhere between 100 and 150 square feet.

Top 7 Tiny House Benefits

* Thrift.

Many people can save for and build their own houses without incurring massive debt. A tiny house moves them out of rentals or asphyxiating mortgages and into their own place.

* Environmental friendliness

A tiny house is much kinder to the environment than the old sprawling single-family home. It is much more energy and resource efficient.

Tiny Houses on Tiny House Talk

Photo by Alex Pino

* Economy of size

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I realize that our 2013 Christmas post is a bit late and I apologize for that. But I’m excited to get to show you Tonita’s Pink Christmas in her beautifully decorated tiny house.

She owns an 8′ by 24′ tiny house on a trailer with an interior of 8′ by 18′ and has put forth great effort to show us all her little home. Tonita, thank you so much for sharing this with us and I hope you can forgive me for getting out to everyone the day after Christmas.

I was spending the day with friends and family away from home so I didn’t have a chance to publish this until now. In a moment I’ll pass it on to Tonita. I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones and I’m wishing you a happy new year. Thank you so much for your support and readership this year.

Alex Pino

I’m Dreaming of a Very Pink Christmas (In a Tiny House)

Guest Post by Tonita of Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat

Here she is, my 8 x 24′ tiny house. The interior measures 8 x 18′. My little shabby chic tiny retreat. When I sit in my home it is like being wrapped in a hug. So cozy, so sweet. So perfect. I dressed her in pink and white for the holidays and the theme ” I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas” seems fitting.

Tonita's Pink Christmas Tiny House (1)

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False Realities of Tiny House Living

You might think that tiny house living will solve most of your problems, as I have, because it will lower your bills and reduce the amount of chores you have to do around the house.

But is it really true? I’m beginning to question it even though I’m fanatic about the benefits of living in well-designed small spaces. Laura pointed out some of these realities and shared them with us in a post recently and the following are my thoughts on the issues she brought up after reading Audrey’s post over at Trying on Tiny.

Tiny House Living versus Apartment Living

Tiny houses are big on saving you money. It’s the fastest way to living mortgage free that I’ve ever heard of. But for some people, like myself, the amount of chores compared to apartment living will actually increase. Sure, cleaning your tiny house compared to your apartment will be quicker.

False Realities of Tiny House Living

Photo by Alex Pino

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Life in 120 Square Feet

Tiny House Living Expectations: Simplifying or Roughing It? Article by Laura LaVoie

This post on the realities of tiny house living over at Trying on Tiny was brought to my attention. In it, Audrey mentions the unexpected things they’ve had to face since moving into their tiny house; and not all of them have been pleasant.

Audrey and Tomas chose to downsize their lives and hired a builder to construct their tiny house. Because of their lifestyle, they weren’t able to be with the builders on a regular basis and it wasn’t until they had their little house delivered to their doorstep that they realized that there were some things they hadn’t considered.

Audrey mentions some of the challenges that have come up including mold issues surrounding a leaky drain and chores they took for granted in their old life.

She calls her expectations something of a “Tiny House Fairy Tale.” Audrey had a perception that downsizing their lives and moving into a cute little house would solve all their problems not create new ones. She writes, “It’s simple to flush a toilet; it’s not as simple to carry a urine bucket outside and ‘fertilize the garden’.”

Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

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