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A-frame Tiny House in the Woods

I’m not sure about you but I’ve always had this attraction to A-frame houses.

I’m not sure if that’s because my name starts with an A (Alex) but I think it’s also because they’re so rare to see and unique in comparison to most other homes.

As a kid, I always was liked seeing an old school Dairy Queen or a church that was built in an A-frame design. But even more a random A-frame house in a neighborhood.

So today I thought I’d share my top 6 A-frame tiny houses. As I was searching through the web to discover these I got to thinking, hey, why not an 8 by 20 A-frame tiny house on a trailer?

Then I immediately thought of the Fortune Cookie tiny house from Zyl Vardos which is close to an A-frame design. Their design makes a lot of sense too because the rounded shape gives you the most amount of space inside. I also featured a photo of Abel’s Fortune Cookie house on this post.

1. Waterfront A-frame Tiny House

Waterfront A-Frame Tiny House

Photo Credit Lisa B / flickr

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of our top A-Frame tiny houses below:

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Illy Push Button House: Tiny Unfolding Shipping Container Home

This tiny unfolding shipping container home is one of a kind although it did disappoint me a bit. I’ll tell you why later.

Designed by artist/architect Adam Kalkin, it’s officially dubbed the Illy Push Button House and was created for Illy.

At just 20′ by 8′ it unfolds into five different rooms. Yes, this design packs a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room and library.

And guess what? It transforms at the push of a button. Hence the name.

If that’s not cool enough you should also know that it’s prefabricated using recycled and/or recyclable materials.

This might be a tiny house that’s truly at the cutting edge of sustainability and innovation. But there’s a catch.. It still needs a roof once it’s unfolded. I didn’t like that.

Illy Push Button House: Tiny Unfolding Shipping Container Home

We have a video tour, interview and design overview that you can watch below:

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops Sale

Update: Sale Ended But There Are New Workshops on Sale (11/30)

In case you’re not aware Tumbleweed is having a sale on their Tiny House Workshops (affiliate) through 11/30/2012. That’s today!

This is the biggest sale they’ve ever had. If/when you order your tickets you’ll get 40% off instantly.

If you add any additional tickets (to bring a friend or family member) you’ll get 50% off of those (instantly).

In addition, you’ll get a one hour consultation for free. Lots of value here! Plus, if you go, you’ll get to meet and hang out with other like minded tiny house people.

Tumbleweed has workshops scheduled all over the country (affiliate) right now so wherever you are within the United States there is most likely a location in a big city near you.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops Sale

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Tiny Solar House

This tiny solar house was designed and built by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society. I found them on Facebook not long ago and wanted to share their tiny home with you because it has three Silicon Energy PV modules, solar air heat, and even solar hot water.

The SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) came from The Chuba Company who you can also find on Facebook. If you’re not familiar with SIPs, check out this post. A company called Applied Energy Innovations also helped with the construction of this tiny house.

It’s 8′ x 16′ and has additional storage in the back to store power with batteries. There’s also extra room there for hot water storage and any other extra systems. To explore more amazing tiny homes like this, join our Tiny House Newsletter. It’s free and you’ll be glad you did! We even give you free downloadable tiny house plans just for joining!

Updated January 3, 2019

Tiny Solar House on Wheels: Passive Solar Designed THOW Built with SIPs by Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

Tiny Solar House

Photo Credit Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

This solar tiny house was made possible thanks to Laura Cina, Joel Cina, Chris Burrington, Timothy Pendergast, Larissa Starr Maranell, Andrew Steven Richardson, The Chuba Company and Applied Energy Innovations.

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the home below:

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Tiny House built by a Homeless Person

Since I am spending some time in Detroit, Michigan for the winter I decided to reach out to my cousin, Charlie Zink, who blogs about his adventures biking around the streets of Detroit and taking photos of the interesting things he finds there.

Charlie comes across quite a few amazing gems on his adventures so I asked if he had ever seen tiny or small houses in the city.

His search for tiny spaces yielded some pretty neat results. I thought I would share two of them with you today.

One appears to be a crudely made shelter and the other a small abandoned building that may have some use in the future. Scroll down to see more.

Small House in Detroit

Photo by Charlie Zink

I encourage you to check out the rest of Charlie’s Detroit tiny homes below:

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Humble Homes Slide Out Bed Tiny House Design is Multifunctional and NO Sleeping Loft

If you don’t like the idea of upstairs sleeping lofts you’ll love this tiny house design by Humble Homes.

It’s a multifunctional design with a genius slide out bed and storage system.

In most tiny homes, there’s a sleeping loft above the kitchen to make the best use of space.

The problem is, you might not want to climb up or down a ladder, especially in the middle of the night if you have to use the bathroom.

So they’ve come up with an incredible solution which was to raise the floor of the kitchen and design and build a slide out bed underneath. Would you use this tiny house plan to build your home?

Humble Homes Slide Out Bed Tiny House Design is Multifunctional and NO Sleeping Loft

I encourage you to watch the complete video tour below to learn how it works:

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Maximus Extreme Tiny Houses

Guest Post by Stew MacInnes of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions

My name is Stew MacInnes, I am the owner of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions, based out of Ogden, Utah.

My company manufactures self-contained living units, which in lay terms would probably best be described as eco-friendly, tiny homes that are on massive amounts of steroids!

My work history and background would have probably suggested that I ultimately would not have ended up in this role as an owner of a manufacturing company.

I have worked for more than twenty one years in the real estate industry as a Principal Real Estate Broker and the Branch New Homes director for (at that particular time) the second largest Coldwell Banker franchise in the United States.

Maximus Extreme Tiny Houses

I encourage you to read the rest of Stew’s article and look over the rest of the photos below:

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