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Tiny house on trailer foundation

I thought I’d start a new series of posts called tiny house concerns.

In it we’ll go over questions and concerns that readers from Tiny House Talk have sent in.

Then in the comments, we’ll all discuss possible solutions and swap ideas. So here’s this week’s question from Pamela.

Hi Alex,

A couple of things I’ve never seen anyone address regarding the tiny houses on trailers is, what about the long term decomposing of the tires? Do folks jack the house up a bit to alleviate pressure on the tires, remove them, or do they pick the house up and take it to the local gas station now and then to fill them up? Also what happens if they leave the trailer to rest on the tires and one gets a flat or loses air? And finally, have you heard of anyone building a small house on a trailer with the intent of being able to remove it from the trailer once they get to a more permanent spot?


Pamela D.

Tiny house on trailer foundation

Photo Credit Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders

If you have any ideas, tips, or suggestions on protecting trailer tires from decomposing, please share them in the comments below. Thank you!

Sandra's Tiny House All Setup at the Campground

One of our wonderful readers, Sandra, sent me her recently completed designer inspired tiny house on wheels.

She is not planning on living in it full-time, instead it’s a really inexpensive vacation home that’s 100% insulated with vapor barriers.

Since Sandra lives in the wilderness, parking is no issue for her. The tiny house gets parked on the shore of the Great Slave Lake on a private campground.

By next year, she hopes to have it hooked up with solar panels. All the lighting is LED and the refrigerator is so small that it uses very little electricity.

The fireplace is electric but Sandra notes that she hardly has to use it since cooking and some body heat keep the place relatively warm.

Sandra's Tiny House

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This post is going to show you a method called piling to help you get rid of your stuff fast.

In order to live in a tiny house or any other small space, most of us have to part with a lot of our belongings.

Even if you’re not downsizing in terms of space, it can feel great to get rid of some of the clutter around you. In the end I think you’ll feel lighter and happier. I sure did.

In particular I’m going to show you how to organize your belongings into appropriate piles that lead to action… and maybe even a few extra bucks in your pocket!

My recommendation is to do this in micro sections.

What I mean by that is, instead of focusing on entire bathroom, you’d do it one drawer at a time.

So for instance, instead of [click to continue…]

Backyard Micro House or Office

Have you ever thought about having your own micro house in your backyard?

This little structure is perfect for working, brainstorming, relaxing, or brunching.

You can use it as a day time getaway, micro office, or kids playhouse.

This particular one has a built in table that converts into a double size bed platform.

One of the best parts is that since it’s on wheels you can rotate it according to sun or shade depending on the weather and season.

This micro home was built using reclaimed redwood siding, pre-owned windows and door, metal siding, and FSC-Certified plywood.

Backyard Micro House or Office

See the rest of this micro shelter below:

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DIY Tiny House Construction Project

By Laura LaVoie

Before building a tiny house, the most home improvement work I had ever done was painting. But that was the draw of doing something that I had never done before. There were two of us, which made the process easier, but that doesn’t stop most tiny house builders from moving forward.

Our motivation was to build something by ourselves with our own hands. Since it took us so long to build our tiny house, each week would be a new and interesting project. We would spent time throughout the week learning how to build whatever was next. Was it post and pier foundations? Was it framing? Was it roofing? Was it insulation? Flooring? Siding? Windows? The list goes on and on.

I believe that the Do It Yourself spirit lives within most tiny house builders. 

DIY Tiny House Construction Project

Photo Credit Collin and Joanna

I encourage you to read the rest of this article below:

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Kanga Studio Tiny Houses

Kanga Room Systems creates modern prefab tiny houses that I think you might like.

They are a housing company in Austin, Texas and their units can be used for working, living, or backyard studios.

In addition, they build playhouses, add-on rooms, and cabins. Customers can assemble the parts themselves or they can pay extra for professional installation.

With two of their units which you’ll see below they were able to create the ultimate backyard pool-side guest compound.

I really like the way that they set this up and also like the idea of setting up two tiny houses on wheels in a similar fashion with a shared deck.

Kanga Studio Tiny House

Photo Credits Kanga Room Systems

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Creative Small NYC Apartment

Here’s a reclaimed 500-square-foot small apartment conversion in the East Village Manhattan area of New York City covered by SpacesTV on YouTube.

When the owner first got the apartment it was in bad condition. It was unfinished, had holes in the floor, framing was exposed, and there was a lot of cleaning up to do.

The owner, Bill Di Paola, was envisioning it’s potential and began to create a completely customized place for himself. He wanted it to have a spacious feel, give it lots of light, and use as many recycled materials as possible.

Bill chose bright white colors, shiny stainless steel, and a minimal amount of furniture which I think really helped achieve all of that. After you take a look, let me know what you liked best about it in the comments.

Creative Small NYC Apartment

Photo Credit SpacesTV/YouTube

There are very few pieces of furniture and they almost blend right into the walls. Bill says, “It’s perfect … it’s what I want.”

Take a look at the rest of this home and watch the entire video tour below:

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